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bath-saltsThe treatment of bath salts intoxication involves providing intensive medical monitoring and attention to address the specific symptoms of the individual. It also often involves using medication to alleviate the agitation and other emotional symptoms of intoxication. The primary goals for the treatment of bath salts addiction are abstinence, relapse prevention, and rehabilitation.

Signs Of Bath Salts Addiction

Those who are addicted to bath salts may display warning signs, which can allow for identification of the addiction. The common signs of bath salts addiction are:

  • Anxious and jittery behavior
  • Insomnia, increased heart rate, nausea, impaired motor skills, seizures
  • Severe bouts of paranoia, depression, panic attacks, agitation, and thoughts of suicide
  • Bizarre and erratic behavior that may come as a result of hallucinations
  • Violent behavior and self-mutilation
  • Loss of appetite

Drug Detox For Bath Salts

Bath salts can be extremely addictive and very hard to stop using on one’s own, especially in severe cases. Therefore, most people dealing with this addiction need to spend a good amount of time in a bath salts detox facility. The amount of detoxification time needed for each person will vary based on the severity of the addiction. It’s often in the patient’s best interest to spend as much time as possible in a detoxification center for their bath salts addiction.

Helping Bath Salt Addicts

It can be horrible to watch someone you love struggle with an addiction. If someone you love is addicted to bath salts, you can help by getting them information on treatment options. You can also plan an intervention. An intervention is an effective way to let them know you care while also telling them they need help.

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