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The Haven Detox

Custom Addiction Treatment for Veterans

The Haven Detox welcomes veterans through its partnership with the Florida VA Community Care Network to treat substance use disorders with custom drug and alcohol detox, rehab, and aftercare. As alcoholism, suicide, anxiety, and PTSD among veterans continue, our programs aim to save our national heroes from further pain upon their return home. 

Returning from deployment, veterans face challenges, especially after witnessing tragedy and enduring trauma. Many veterans must learn to cope with intrusive thoughts, feelings, and memories once they come home from damaging and life-threatening experiences. Without other ways of coping, many veterans risk addiction, but through personalized addiction treatment, they can discover a new life and new ways of being effective leaders.

The Haven Detox

Your VA CCN Provider for Substance Use

As a VA Community Care Network provider, The Haven Detox tailors drug and alcohol treatment to veterans and active military who struggle with substance abuse. With a premier facility, certified staff, and comprehensive services—veterans access evidence-based therapies proven to cut cravings, reduce pain, and support freedom from addiction, alcoholism, and drug abuse. 

Regardless of mental health issues, physical injuries, or past experiences with treatment programs, our veterans benefit from drug detox programs and residential treatment designed for them. Our unique treatment plans accommodate medical conditions, personal histories, and people with disabilities to create the best recovery outcomes for our brave veterans.

How to Use VA Coverage at The Haven Detox

Substance abuse among veterans often qualifies for VA disability benefits because substance use disorders can be severe and make many unable to work. Depending on when you were diagnosed and what other co-occurring mental or physical conditions you may have—the VA may determine you qualify for benefits, but healthcare coverage from the VA alone usually offers substance use treatment services. Depending on your disability, income, and military record, you could receive treatment for free (or with a small copay) through a community care partner like The Haven Detox. 

When you decide you’re ready for rehab, you need only go to your local Florida VA center for a simple mental health consult. Afterward, you will wait for confirmation that you are eligible for veteran detox, rehab, and treatment from The Haven Detox as a third-party CCN provider. Once you have confirmation, the Florida VA will complete the insurance documents needed.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Provider for Veterans

When they return home, veterans are vulnerable to addiction when they struggle to manage traumatic experiences in civilian life. Some turn to drugs and alcohol to medicate common conditions such as injuries or PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). Their substance use can be influenced by physical pain, intrusive thoughts, negative memories, or more symptoms that cause anxiety and distress.

As a Florida VA CCN provider, The Haven Detox gives control back to our veterans, offering medically assisted and medication-supported detox for those with a substance use disorder (SUD) and beginning a lifetime of sober, satisfying health. Through medical supervision, methodical tapering, and around-the-clock care, our clients experience less discomfort and cut cravings as they focus on their next steps.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Provider for Veterans

Former military bear incredible stress as they protect the country, and many return with mental health consequences like PTSD that can encourage substance abuse and addiction when left untreated. For veterans with PTSD and other disabilities, the best choice is custom, compassionate residential rehab, where each individual is unique and valued through elite treatment options.

At The Haven Detox, drug and alcohol rehabilitation designs personal plans of care to promote progress toward a satisfying lifestyle of sobriety after medical detox. Clients of the Florida VA receive counseling, medication management, and medical care while in residence at The Haven Detox, giving them the opportunity to advance their recovery without outside influence.

Veteran Conditions and Substance Abuse Treatment Options

Military service brings a series of risks to the lives of our bravest citizens, including PTSD, emotional trauma, and severe injury. Custom, hybrid, and whole-person treatment is necessary for service members who struggle with substance abuse as a result. The Haven Detox specializes in critical areas of concern for military veterans as a community care network (CCN) partner, offering better outcomes and lasting recovery to Florida VA clients.

PTSD and Addiction

The Haven Detox is a private facility with years of experience Post-traumatic Stress Disorder significantly influences drug and alcohol abuse among former military. Symptoms of the condition—like flashbacks, insomnia, hopelessness, aggression, and others—lead some toward substances that can numb and soothe such stress. For this reason, The Haven Detox staffs certified doctors and nurses to appropriately treat conditions that co-occur with substance abuse disorders among veterans.

Emotional Trauma and Substance Use

Emotional wounds—such as psychological turmoil or military sexual trauma—can also cause many to turn to substance use for their suffering. The symptoms of such trauma can be far-reaching, including anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and more, but many learn to cope through stays at our rehab center. The Haven Detox supports this recovery with licensed clinicians and counselors who compassionately guide clients toward new skills and thinking while at our treatment center.

Brain Injuries and Dependency

Some ex-military return with scars like brain injuries that permanently affect their feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Some injuries cause veterans to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs, but they can learn to manage the injury through proper treatment. The Haven Detox can encourage veteran recovery regardless of a brain injury through the support of medication management, licensed therapists, and an expert medical team.

Chronic Pain and SUDs

Some veterans grit constant pain after their service, and they are at significant risk of developing opioid and substance use disorders, exceedingly if doctors prescribe narcotics for symptoms. We help veterans medicate appropriately throughout treatment for substance abuse through detox, rehab, and aftercare services.

Choose The Haven Detox for Veteran Addiction Treatment

When veterans choose our custom care, experienced clinicians craft treatment specifically for them based on years of scientific research for a holistic, complete approach to their medical and mental health needs. By treating the whole person through veteran-focused detox and rehab, we soothe underlying conditions and illnesses that may be responsible for addictive behaviors and substance abuse.

Addressing causes through tailored treatment, veterans get better outcomes, feel more comfortable, and maintain long-term recovery. In addition to veteran substance abuse treatment, all veteran clients receive aftercare support to align them with the right outpatient services for continued progress in everyday recovery.

If you, a friend, or a family member in Gainesville, Orlando, or elsewhere in Florida has served and struggles with addiction, call The Haven Detox for help. Tell us about the addiction-free future you imagine. Call (877) 981-7753, and speak to one of our compassionate specialists.


Our admissions department is available 24/7 and happy to answer any questions you may have about our facility or treatment options.

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