Admission Process

Our Admission Process

Making the decision to go to detox can be difficult, often hindered by anxiety and apprehension–even resistance. It can help to know what to expect during the pre-admissions and admissions process at The Haven Detox. Understanding our careful process of individual evaluation, family consultation, and admission to The Haven Detox facility can help relieve some of the tension and uncertainty.

1. Start By Reaching Out

Day or night, weekend or holiday: when the time is right and you’re ready to get in touch, we’re here to help. When you call us, you’ll be connected with an Admissions Counselor immediately.
If you prefer, you can also use our online form, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or access our Live Chat feature. All contact methods are completely confidential.

2. Get Guidance & Evaluation

Your Admissions Counselor will be your primary point of contact to guide you and your family throughout the admissions process. Our clinical and medical teams are consulted during this time to determine if The Haven Detox can meet your needs and which of our staff will comprise your individualized treatment team. At the same time, arrangements are being made to secure an admission date, or if necessary, an intervention date.

3. Scheduling Your Comprehensive Admission

After determining that our detox facility is a good fit for your needs, it’s time to set an admissions time and date.
It’s not unusual for the person suffering from addiction to feel resistant to the idea of getting help. If necessary, we can put you in touch with an intervention professional that can help you set up an intervention or family gathering.
The Haven Detox has the ability to schedule admissions fairly quickly, if needed, including admitting a patient to our facility the same day. The alliance begins with the first phone call and develops with each contact thereafter.

4. Pack Your Bags

Once your arrival date is set, we will continue to follow-up with you until you arrive at our facility. It’s important to know what to bring (and not to bring)for the stay at The Haven Detox as well as transportation options for arrival and departure.