Aiming Towards The Stars

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Being one of the absolute best when it comes to drug detox and rehabilitation, The Haven Detox tends to be one of the leading names; known for their professionalism, credibility, authenticity and the utmost care they show towards their patients.

The road to success for The Haven Detox has been a really pleasing one. Reaching almost every single mark we aimed for, The Haven Detox is proud to put forward the latest achievement it has been blessed with; “The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Quality Approval.” Founded in 1951, The Joint Commission has been one of the leading surveyors, aiming to sophisticate the standards of health for the public; appreciating the finest caretakers and encouraging them to perform effective care of the highest quality and value.

Though the journey to the rehabilitation of our drug addicted clients is a thorny path; we never backed out and kept on focusing on what we do best – helping our clients begin their recovery journey. Not only is our drug & alcohol detoxification facility “State-of-the-art”, The Haven Detox tends to keep up with healthy, caring and considerate aftercare services too.

It has been found out by a survey that almost 48% of the patients who had been rehabilitated completely reverted to alcoholism and drug addiction after 6 months. Although the path to rehabilitation is not a smooth one, the ones who keep up and succeed are blown off because of the post rehab services or aftercare. The Haven Detox makes it certain that our clients find the right Post-Rehab services that could set their life orthodox!

The journey towards what we are now has been commendable. There is still a long way to go, surely. We are extremely blessed and proud of what we are accomplishing daily.

“The journey to quitting alcohol and drugs may be rough and tough, but definitely worth enough.”

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