Are You Unable To Quit?

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We understand how difficult it is for heroin addicts to quit by themselves. We know how addictive this drug really is. Even if you want to quit, the notion of getting dope-sickness makes the idea of quitting seem ridiculous. So you never wind up quitting. We get it. It is the proverbial “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” syndrome. However, you don’t need a near death experience to get the motivation to quit. We developed an advanced heroin detox program that is virtually painless.

Has your body physically stopped using drugs but your mind cannot stop romanticizing the idea?

Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of people and the mind is a powerful thing that can really hinder recovery. When this happens there are some changes that have to be made and this the time to seek support from meetings and possibly a sponsor.

It is difficult not to think about doing drugs and getting high if you are in that toxic environment and around people that do so. That all has to change so there are not constant reminders of most likely the worst times of your life. Also, don’t allow those times to camouflage themselves as happy times which is so easy to do. This is referred to as “romanticizing your addiction.”

If the mind entertains a relationship with drug use and you allow that relationship to continue you are setting yourself up for failure. Remember, one of the things that can ruin your sobriety is deception, especially when you are deceiving yourself. Your lifestyle, social cycle and mindset all have to change.

Our detox treatment program combines the expertise of medical professionals, proven pharmacotherapies, targeted nutrition, hydration and electrolyte therapy plus critical rest (over 7 hours per night).

Heroin detoxification is a simple but methodical process that enables heroin addicts to detoxify quickly and easily.


The first step of any journey is the most difficult. The road to recovery is long and often difficult, but a successful detox is the first step on that journey. Detox is rarely easy, especially for people who have been addicted to drugs or alcohol for years or who have made several attempts at living clean and sober lives only to experience relapses. Without the supervision of medical doctors and the help of qualified addiction professionals, a person’s chances of getting clean and quitting drugs and alcohol for good drop by a significant percentage. Inpatient detox makes the process much safer and more bearable. Inpatient detox provides a safe space to cope with withdrawal symptoms and gives patients access to around-the-clock medical care, making them healthier and more likely to successfully complete a rehab program.