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10 Ways Going to the Gym Can Help with Mental Health

Everyone knows about the health benefits of exercise. It helps keep muscles and bones strong, controls weight, and improves balance and flexibility. But not everyone realizes working out also offers several mental health benefits, too. Numerous studies highlight the link between regular physical activity and mental health. An occasional walk is good for the soul, … Read more

What Happens When You Mix Alcohol and Zoloft?

If you’ve ever found yourself searching on the internet about whether it’s safe to combine alcohol with one of your prescription medications, you know it can be challenging to find the information you’re seeking.  But, knowing the risks of drinking while taking a prescription medication is critical to being responsible and staying safe. There are … Read more

What Are Some Common Warning Signs of Drug or Alcohol Relapse?

If you’re early in your addiction recovery journey, it can still sometimes feel like the sand is shifting beneath you. You’ve done the work to physically withdraw from drugs or alcohol—and you’ve secured the resources to begin your sobriety—but you may constantly feel as though the risk of relapse is imminent.  If you’re still using, … Read more

What Is SMART Recovery?

What Is SMART Recovery?  Traditional 12-step programs have helped millions of people get and stay sober, but not everyone is comfortable with the religious or spiritual perspective of the 12-step philosophies. Many people seeking addiction treatment do not necessarily connect with a “higher power,” or perhaps they simply prefer to keep their religious views private. … Read more

Will Quitting Alcohol Improve My Mental Health?

Mental health issues are common among people who suffer from alcohol abuse and addiction. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about 50% of people with an addiction like alcohol use disorder will also experience a mental illness at some point in their lives, and vice versa. Many people who are ready to quit … Read more

The Most Common Mental Health Disorders with Addiction

Mental illness refers to a wide range of conditions affecting mood, behavior, and thinking. The term includes substance use disorder, eating disorders, and other process addictions. Everyone has moments of feeling down, confused, or fearful. People with a mental disorder experience their symptoms all the time without relief until the problem is discovered and treated. … Read more

Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a serious condition that reduces a person’s quality of life and causes long-term health problems. Knowing the warning signs of this condition can help you determine whether it’s time for you or a loved one to get help at an addiction treatment center. A treatment center can help see you safely through alcohol … Read more

How Stress Can Create Addiction

Everyone feels stress every day. It’s stress that gets you out of bed to get to work in the morning, even when you’d rather stay warm and comfortable under the covers. On a fundamental level, stress motivates us to survive. But sometimes, stress can be overwhelming. People with high-pressure jobs or intense family obligations may … Read more

Is Lucemyra Addictive?

The symptoms of opioid withdrawal can be so severe that the fear of detoxing prevents some people from getting help with their opioid use disorder. Fortunately, medically supervised detox programs can help relieve the discomforts associated with detoxing and keep patients safe.  Lucemyra is one of the drugs that have been FDA approved for assisting … Read more

What Are the Symptoms of Wet Brain Syndrome?

Alcohol addiction can have a severe impact on a person’s physical health, and that includes brain health. Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (WKS), otherwise known as wet brain or wet brain syndrome, is one example of the damage caused by alcohol use disorder. According to the National Organization of Rare Disorders, most individuals who develop wet brain syndrome … Read more