COVID-19 on Addiction

When Epidemics Collide: The Effect of COVID-19 on Addiction The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting people of all ages in Florida and around the world. Some are losing jobs, struggling financially, and are forced into virtual academic and employment environments. In a time when human connections are needed, social distancing and lockdowns are put into place. … Read more

The Haven: 7 Tips for Choosing Detox Facility

7 Tips for Choosing a Drug and Alcohol Detox Facility

Has excessive drug or alcohol use turned your life upside down? If you answered yes, it might be time to find a detox facility to help end the cycle of chemical dependency and addiction. The main goal of detox is to stabilize physical and mental health while providing the best opportunity for life-long sobriety. There are … Read more

How Do I Know If I Need Detox?

Are you wondering if you might have a problem with drugs or alcohol? Reaching out for help and seeking treatment isn’t easy. If you’ve decided that you’re ready to make a change, the first step towards wellness is to detox safely in a comfortable and nurturing environment.  Why Do I Need to Detox? Detoxification is … Read more

jetBlue Healthcare Hero Stacy Riordan

JetBlue names Stacy Riordan Healthcare Hero

The Haven Detox is proud to announce that our Director of Nursing, Stacy Riordan, was chosen as the Grand Prize winner of JetBlue’s Healthcare Heroes sweepstakes. She was chosen because, “Stacy is currently a managing nurse in the detox department of a drug and alcohol rehab center in West Palm Beach Florida. Stacy continues to … Read more

The Haven Detox Launches new Alumni App

We here at The Haven Detox are thrilled to announce that we have a new tool for our alumni to help continue their recovery. With the The Haven Detox Alumni App, our alumni know that our community of like minded individuals are just a click away. We are committed to support our alumni for the … Read more

Medications to Treat Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Physical dependency on alcohol is one of the most challenging issues a person going through the recovery process may have to overcome. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are often difficult to cope with, and they also pose direct physical risks to those going through a detoxification. Under such circumstances, it’s wise to consider a medication-assisted recovery. Let’s … Read more

Morphine Side Effects, Withdrawal and Detox

Morphine is a narcotic pain reliever that was first developed in 1805 and widely used during the Civil War. Today, it is available in tablet, liquid, and injectable forms and is used to treat both acute and chronic pain. As one of the oldest opioid medications that are still in use, it has a particularly … Read more

Fentanyl Side Effects, Withdrawal and Detox

Fentanyl is a drug that is widely considered one of the strongest painkillers known to mankind. In fact, it is believed to be between 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. It also has a structural analog known as carfentanil that’s believed to be more than 10,000 times as potent as morphine and strong enough … Read more