5 Signs That Your Loved One May Be Addicted To Drugs

Addiction to both prescription and street drugs is a rapidly growing problem. A person may not know when someone they love gets indulged into this curse. Street drugs are very common around the world. According to the United Nations Drug Report 2015, 246 million people are addicted to different drugs.

State-Of-The-Art Facility At The Haven Detox

An important part of The Haven Detox treatment philosophy is that of making sure clients are as comfortable as possible throughout their stay. We go to great lengths to provide facilities and accommodations that make that possible.

Rehabilitation: Why We Avoid It & The Benefits It Has In Store

They say that, “Drugs take you to hell, disguised as heaven.”
Being one of the most rapidly growing troubles this century has to face, drug addiction is surely the one glazing the graph. It has been found that the number of people when it comes to drug addiction has grown to a massive number for the age groups 12-17, 18-25 and 26 and older.

Are You Unable To Quit?

We understand how difficult it is for heroin addicts to quit by themselves. We know how addictive this drug really is. Even if you want to quit, the notion of getting dope-sickness makes the idea of quitting seem ridiculous. So you never wind up quitting. We get it. It is the proverbial “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” syndrome.

Gratitude Helps Your Recovery

Gratitude is an extremely important aspect of life and even more important for those who are recovering and taking their lives back from drug and/or alcohol addiction. I would go as far to say that gratitude and recovery go hand-in-hand. It plays an integral part in our ability to lead productive lives when recovering.

Relapse Triggers During The Holiday Season

As joyous as the holiday season is, it can be challenging for those recovering from addiction or substance abuse issues. Typically, holidays involve spending time with family, and discord, estrangement, or stress among relatives often triggers cravings or relapse among those in recovery. Identifying sources of stress and cravings can help you address and prevent relapse and addictive behaviors.