Codeine: Side Effects, Withdrawal & Detox

Codeine is a prescription medication that is typically used to manage pain and coughing. It is classified as an opioid, or a narcotic, drug, and it is only considered legal for you to take it if a doctor prescribes it specifically to help treat a diagnosed health condition. Like other opioids, this drug works by … Read more

Demerol Side Effects, Withdrawal and Detox

Demerol, or meperidine, is an opioid pain reliever that can be given as an injection or taken orally as a tablet or liquid. Unlike some other narcotics, Demerol is only meant to treat sudden, acute episodes of pain that are of a moderate to severe intensity. It is not intended for the treatment of chronic, … Read more

Klonopin Side Effects, Withdrawal and Detox

Klonopin is a drug that belongs in a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines, which are generally considered to be sedatives. Klonopin works by calming the brain centers and nervous system, and for that reason, it is popularly used by physicians to treat seizures, convulsions, and epilepsy symptoms. It is also sometimes prescribed for individuals … Read more

Opioids vs Opiates

The words “opiate” and “opioid” are often used interchangeably. However, there is a technical difference in the composition of the two drug variants. Looking at their differences can help drug users and others better understand the modern opioid crisis. Opiates and Opioids Defined The term “opiate” is generally used to refer to substances derived from … Read more

Dealing with Overdose

Drug overdose (OD) from addiction or other causes is growing extremely fast in the U.S. Most of the fatalities, as much as 200 each day, happen because of illegal opioids or prescription drugs. No matter the particular drug involved, even non-fatal instances of overdoses carry emotional aftereffects of anger, guilt and anxiety. The following information … Read more

How to Hold an Intervention

It is hard to watch a loved one grapple with a substance use problem. You may feel useless to help them, and they may not realize or admit to having a problem. You are not alone. One step that you can take to help your loved one is to stage an intervention. What Is an … Read more

10 Signs You Need Help

Knowing when you need help with substance use may be hard to identify. This is particularly true if you have used for a long time and feel like you have a handle on the situation. A lot of people have the same problem you do. In 2013, an estimated 22.7 million Americans needed help with … Read more

How Addiction Affects the Workplace

Addiction takes a toll on its victims, but co-workers and employers also pay a high price. Statistics from the National Safety Council show that substance use disorders affect almost 21 million Americans, a group that makes up around 8 percent of all adolescents and adults in the country. Add family members, and that number goes … Read more

What is Buprenorphine: Uses, Effects

If you suffer from addiction, you’ve probably heard of buprenorphine. This drug is sold under a number of different brand names, and its primary purpose is to help people overcome opioid addiction. While many scientific sources view buprenorphine as a promising treatment for opioid addiction, this drug comes with inherent risks, and you should be … Read more

how long does heroin stay in your system

How Long Does Heroin Stay in Your System?

If you’ve recently used heroin and you are looking for a job or have an upcoming drug test, you may be wondering how long does heroin stay in your system. If you end up testing positive for heroin use, that could bring some serious consequences for your life, affecting your employment, your income and your … Read more