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How Can We Deal With the Stigma of Addiction?

Every day there are new medical issues listed and diagnosed. New diseases are discovered, and new treatment methods are sought out. Every day new campaigns are created to raise funds for awareness, medical treatment, and other elements related to commonly known medical issues. Nobody condemns anyone for having a tumor, or congenital heart disease. However, rehabs have to make a real effort to help people understand that addiction is as much of a disease as the aforementioned medical issues are. Studies are beginning to unearth data that point to addiction having a genetic factor that may not have been recognized in the past.

What are the Effects of Addiction on Family?

The main effect of substance abuse in the family is related to a diversion of energy, away from the emotional support and connection that families ideally provide to one another. When this flow of love and good energy throughout the family is disrupted, everyone feels the impact. The specifics of how this affects the family can vary depending upon who is abusing the substance.

How Can Journaling Help During Recovery?

Whether or not someone has been accustomed to writing in some sort of diary or notebook, the power of journaling in recovery from addiction cannot be under-estimated. Journaling is one of the most effective tools in recovery. It helps people come face to face with their feelings and behaviors, and it helps beat down the demon of denial, which would have alcohol and drug abusers minimize their addiction. Journaling takes no more time than the time consumed by drinking and using drugs, and it provides far more benefit to successful living.

How To Know If You Have a Drinking Problem

Many people can have an occasional drink and stop after one or two while attending a social event or unwinding after a long day. There are; however, a larger majority of people that are unable to drink in moderation and cannot simply stop. Over drinking can lead to problems in your life when it comes to relationships, work, and sometimes legal issues. Excess drinking can also cause your judgment to be impaired, increasing the chance for you to make dangerous decisions, which could potentially harm or even kill someone.

What Rock Bottom Looks Like

One does not have to spend much time in recovery circles before hearing the term “hitting rock bottom.” While the words have an easily perceptible connotation, “rock bottom” may mean different things to different people. Certainly, in the earliest days of treatment for addictions, “rock bottom” may have implied the stereotypical town drunk slugging down booze from a bottle in a brown paper bag, or an addict raging and sweating, barely able to hang on until the next fix. While those images still hold true in some cases, “hitting rock bottom” applies to physical, mental and emotional depravity and despair.

When Drinking Becomes Alcoholism?

Keeping in mind that denial is the No. 1 symptom of alcoholism, sometimes a person will admit problem drinking, but cringes at the thought of admitting alcoholism. Despite ongoing education about the progression of alcoholism and increased awareness of symptoms and treatment, the word “alcoholism” still seems to bear a stigma. In order to distinguish the fine line between what one might label “problem drinking” and “alcoholism,” self-honesty is the most important tool.

Joint Commission Accreditation Rehabilitation

When The Haven Detox received its recent accreditation from The Joint Commission (JCAHO), our staff and friends of our organization eagerly began to spread the word. And why not? The Gold Seal of Approval we now proudly bear means we are among the most well qualified behavioral health care providers in the United States. Receiving national recognition is something to shout about. That’s why we want to share our story. We want our current and prospective clients and their families to know what JCAHO is all about.

Heroin Addiction

In 2009, more than 600,000 people over the age of 12 had tried heroin in the U.S. according to statistics released by SAMHSA. Moreover, NIDA estimates that at least 9 million individuals struggle with addiction to the drug. Tragically, half the drug overdoses in this country are related to heroin abuse.

What is an Enabler?

It is excoriating to watch someone you love in any kind of pain, especially the pain associated with addiction. Most of us would do anything to help our loved ones, but we feel a sense of helplessness. There are many ways that people with good intentions are actually displaying enabling behaviors which in turn harm addiction recovery.

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Intervention

An intervention is an arranged meeting between the addict/alcoholic and their close family members, friends, and possibly a neutral party like a therapist where the addict is lovingly confronted about their addiction or substance abuse problems. The key word and idea here is “lovingly” – there are a few different ways to conduct an intervention, but to do it with love and care is the most important consideration.

Tips for a Successful Drug Intervention

Individuals who display addictive behaviors and struggle with substance abuse tend to be in denial about their disease and may be hesitant or unwilling to seek professional treatment. When a friend or family member is suffering from substance abuse, it can be difficult to help that person understand how their destructive behavior is affecting those around them and it can be challenging to have an open conversation about the situation.

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