Drug Detox and Drug Rehab in Florida

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Drug addiction treatment encompasses much more than treating the physical aspect of the disease, and there are numerous reasons why a detox and drug rehab program should be considered rather than a detox-and-release program. For instance, detox presents an array of withdrawal symptoms. Thus, it is paramount to have a medical and clinical team provide the support necessary to ease any discomfort the recovering individual may have. Also, individuals who have gone through detox should attend a rehab program to help them identify, understand and treat the issues that caused the addiction in the first place.

At The Haven Detox, a staff of trained addiction treatment professionals closely monitor the clients’ progress through our detox protocol. Attempting to rapidly home detox yourself from alcohol or drugs could have dangerous, even grave consequences. Working with a medical detox center and having an expert, experienced medical staff to manage a safe detoxification process is vital to your well being.

The Haven Detox, a substance abuse medical detox center, has detoxification services available 24 hours a day. Most clients who come into treatment for drug and alcohol related issues will need supervised medical detoxification in a safe, medical detox center. The Haven Detox offers 24 hour care. The Haven is set up to handle complex detoxification, including clients who use multiple drugs. Detoxification services are individualized to the client’s needs.

At The Haven Detox, we offer a unique and very effective drug treatment program that provides a new type of medical detox – incorporating both the most advanced medical procedures and leading natural remedies to effectively combat withdrawal in a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment.

Our patients are always treated as individuals with dignity, respect and understanding in a non-judgmental environment. There is hope for a new life.

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