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How to stay sober on your first sober Fourth of July

9 Ways to Get Through Your First Sober 4th of July

40 to 60 "percent" of accidents happened due to drunk driving in 2017 first fourth of July sober

It is a known fact that the first days of sobriety are quite intimidating. Especially when it’s a day that means an annual celebration. You will spend the day of commemoration happy when you get your first fourth of July sober. You and your friends can have a lot of fun this Independence Day.

If you had any inclination towards alcohol, it’s a proud moment for you that you are choosing to maintain sobriety. You will be overcoming your alcohol addiction during major celebrations like the Fourth of July. Some people may find it particularly challenging, but with a go-getter approach, it is achievable. Even though this federal holiday honors the American Revolution, it has traditionally been a day of barbecues.

Knowing that you’re rehabilitating is a top priority for your friends as you are their support system. In this way, you can stay faithful to your beliefs and principles. Aside from that, you’ll want to abstain from alcohol altogether. You can spurn alcohol addiction and stay cool with sober life with control and a sense of commitment.

Get back to life on the day of independence.

Regaining control of your behavior and refusing to allow alcohol to affect your decisions is key. This way, you will have a successful sobriety journey. To maintain sobriety, you must take personal accountability for your actions. 

It is also preferable to base your choices on the potential consequences for you and those around you. You can immaculately spend the national holiday to boot. Americans commemorate the day of Independence and freedom zealously. Get your own drinks that are non-alcoholic to enjoy, along with the company of individuals close to you.

Feel a sense of contentment.

When a person is addicted to alcohol due to stress, they lose many of the qualities needed to be happy in life. Alcoholism will destroy anything a person has worked hard for, whether it’s their job, volunteer work, or something else. Get passionate about your life again after understanding life responsibilities. It is high time to realize what you ought to be.

Sobriety can help you rediscover your place in the world and the purpose of your existence. You’ll be much more motivated to set and fulfill goals when you realize how much you can accomplish without the influence of alcohol.

Get a break from routine.

It would be best if you celebrated the Fourth of July in an unconventional way. Schedule a day at the spa, a day by the pool reading a book, or a day to catch up on housekeeping. Get a skin nourishment treatment and spend this time serenely.  

Take a seat and enjoy the show.

Get away from the triggering environment while still being able to commemorate the occasion by going to a late-night eatery. Find a spot where you can see the fireworks show for extra excitement. You can enjoy your meal such as BBQ or your favorite food. Grabbing a non-alcoholic beverage is also a great choice. Find any peaceful and safe place for the jovial commemoration.

Take part in a morning meeting.

Begin your day with a meeting with your support systems and your fellows. A phone call or check-in with your recovery team to work through your coping skills can help. In addition, get the day started off well if you are confident in your sobriety. You can keep in contact with recovery peers who were part of your treatment program.

Throw a “Sober Independence Party”

The fourth of July is a great opportunity to spend time with loved ones who share your recovery goals and prevent relapsing. Sober Fourth of July parties don’t need liquor or drugs, and when a supportive community of like-minded people surrounds you. Cherish it with sober fun and there’s no need for getting into any substance use.

People who are recovering from alcohol or drug misuse will attend your sober Fourth of July party. As will other sober friends and others who understand that the holiday doesn’t have to include drink or drugs in it to be enjoyable. In the challenging times, save yourself from getting into alcohol addiction.

Use medication to cope with withdrawal.

  • Benzodiazepines is the medicine to control seizures if you are going through a headache and other symptoms of anxiety.
  • Neuroleptics are essential medicines that help with agitation caused due to withdrawal.
  • Nutritional support is intrinsic as the medical withdrawal might cause some deficiencies. You need to overcome it with the help of other supplements like Iron and B12. 

Explore independence from drugs and alcohol with fellows.

188 People were killed on 4th July 2016 due to drunk driving crashes
 first fourth of July sober

 Celebrating the Fourth of July with other sober individuals will be free of constant triggers. Moreover, anxiety about the need to use drugs or alcohol can be escaped. Instead, you will be able to enjoy and celebrate the holiday’s true purpose. You can also go driving yourself in your own car and explore a destination you’ve never been to.

 Your love for your country will succeed in your fight against substance abuse. In 2016 nearly 188 people were killed due to drunk driving-related issues, and the number has risen. That is a good reason to not drink and drive on this fun and sober holiday.

Celebrate your freedom from drugs.

When you get sober and celebrate your goodbye to substance use disorder, you will be in the phase of long-term recovery. 

On July 4th, you can enjoy your Independence from harmful drugs and the national celebration. Getting sober can help you make the decisions you always wanted. Live your dreams in reality, be sober, and don’t let mental health disorders due to substance abuse hurt you.

 Show your inner strengths and overcome challenges. The war on drugs can only succeed when we get rid of alcohol use. To stop drinking, there is a long way to go toward achieving the first sober fourth of July.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you say to someone who is celebrating sobriety?

Sobriety is achieved after a massive struggle. When someone is in sobriety, we can congratulate them on being successful and wish them good luck in remaining sober.

How do you celebrate being sober?

If you have a community of sober people, you can celebrate with them and also spend quality time with your family. You can also plan a fun activity for those becoming sober at this time.

Can a person achieve sobriety if they have never been sober longer than 5 months?

Yes, after the treatment for relapse and substance use disorder, a person can become sober after the addiction treatment and detoxification for alcohol and drug use occurs. As per National Institute on Drug Abuse, the 40% to 60% relapse rate for substance abuse makes it equal to chronic illness, making long-term sobriety significant.

At The Haven, We Help You Enjoy Sobriety

Making the correct decisions to get sober is crucial. When you get drunk or high, you can seek sobriety once you figure out a plan for recovery. Sample treatments include our methadone treatment against opioid use. 

We can treat you to overcome withdrawal symptoms and have qualified staff at Haven Detox- South Florida to deal with alcoholism treatment. Feel free to call us to know more.

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