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Tips To Stay Sober This Cinco de Mayo

Picture showing tips to stay sober this Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is around the corner, and it is once again time for festivities and family reunions. Yet, as enjoyable and joyful as Cinco de Mayo celebrations might be, they often mark the beginning of a difficult period for people in or newly entering recovery. 

Holidays might be pleasant and joyful for most people, but the reality for individuals attempting to remain sober throughout these seasons is usually quite different. For people in addiction recovery, the holiday season may be a particularly challenging time to stay sober.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo might be difficult if you or your loved one is recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Here are some valuable tips to help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo without relapsing this year.

Avoid Triggers

Avoiding triggers is the number one tip for enjoying a sober Cinco de Mayo. Since this is a holiday where alcohol plays a significant role, you should avoid parties where you think or know alcohol will be served. You can host your own sober party, but attending parties where alcohol is served or going to clubs may not be the best choice.

Stress and work may also serve as triggers. You may be more susceptible to relapse if you feel overwhelmed during the holiday. Find ways to ease your tension, such as taking a break, sleeping, preparing a delicious meal for yourself, or spending time with someone in recovery.

Try Authentic Dishes

Eating Mexican food is another way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo sober. Eating has a healing quality, especially when done with loved ones or others who support your recovering lifestyle. 

Getting your family and friends together to cook meals you haven’t eaten before could be a terrific idea. You may wish to try some of the many traditional Mexican dishes made at Cinco de Mayo. This can be a very effective way to celebrate the holiday this year if you don’t want to go through the detox procedure again.

Stay Home

Many people are eager to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by going out, but this is not always the ideal option for those trying to stay alcohol-free. Stay at home if you are in early recovery or do not believe you can manage to be around alcoholic celebrations. Setting limits in recovery to prevent relapse and encourage a sober lifestyle is the key to maintaining sobriety.

Host A Sober Party

Why not organize your own sober party if you don’t want to spend the evening alone? Invite your sober friends or those who will support your recovery by staying sober for the evening and having a great time. You can combine a movie marathon, a Mexican meal, and a party all in one. 

Maintaining relationships with those most helpful and supportive of your recovery is one of the most important things you can do to sustain your sobriety. Cinco de Mayo is an excellent opportunity to transform a holiday that glorifies drinking into a celebration of sobriety with your loved ones.

Avoid Bars And Clubs

No matter how confident you are in your ability to refrain from drinking, one of our most essential tips for sober Cinco de Mayo celebrations is to avoid bars and clubs on this holiday. 

Clubs and bars are often associated with alcohol and drug use. In some clubs and pubs, drinking is almost expected, which can be a terrible temptation for someone who has received addiction treatment. Therefore, avoid putting yourself in situations where you may be tempted to drink.

Know When To Leave

As more and more people arrive at the party, you will receive increasingly tempting offers. While you do not wish to be a party pooper, knowing when to leave is in your best interest. Some people will be swept away by their emotions as the celebration progresses. 

While spending time with family and friends is always fantastic, you must also maintain your abstinence. Limiting your time on such occasions can also avoid compromising your sobriety.

Go Out With A Friend

Bring a sober friend with you if you venture out on the holiday. It is easy to experience peer pressure or the desire to drink when surrounded by certain people. Our friends have a more significant influence on our behavior than we realize. To prevent yourself from caving into temptation, go out with a friend who is aware of your recovery and can hold you accountable for your actions.

maintaining relationships with those most helpful and supportive of your recovery is one of the most important things you can do to sustain your sobriety

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Cinco de Mayo associated with drinking?

According to a 2019 AP article, beer companies targeted Mexican Americans during the 1980s and 1990s by urging them to celebrate their heritage with Coronas, Bud Light, and Dos Equis.
The article noted that “for Americans without Mexican ancestry, the occasion appears to function only as an excuse to drink margaritas.”

What is the gift of sobriety?

Sobriety is a blessing. In fact, it might be the most excellent gift you’ve ever given yourself. It implies you can return to a functional reality and even spend time doing boring daily tasks like dishwashing or laundry. It also signifies that your broken relationships and friendships are healing.

What is a sober anniversary called?

A sober anniversary or sober birthday serves as a reminder of your accomplishments. It might be the day you last used drugs or drank alcohol. It could even be the day after your last use.

What is a sober victory?

Sober victory means a person may still have all of their sobriety victories and advances. Still, they must address underlying issues that may not have surfaced during their initial round of treatment.

The Haven Can Help You Stay Sober Evey Day Of The Year

Attending family gatherings is essential, but you must also put yourself first if you are in recovery or attempting to remain sober. You are under no duty to sacrifice your health and pleasure to please others.

At The Haven, we know that addiction cravings are one of the most significant obstacles in recovery for addicts. Because of this, we provide professional treatment programs that assist with alcohol detoxification and recovery preparation.

Contact us at (561) 328-8627 today to begin celebrating every day without alcohol.

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