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Medical Alcohol Detox

The graphic explaining intensity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms
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If you’ve reached the point where you want to end your alcohol abuse and start a new life, you might consider a medical alcohol detox to treat your alcoholism. The first step to quitting drinking alcohol is to seek medical advice from a professional. 

Although it’s not necessary for everyone, there are many benefits to medical alcohol detox for the treatment of alcoholism. It can sometimes be challenging to choose a facility for detox when you are unsure what you are looking for.

The most important thing before starting treatment is to take note of the patient’s condition. Haven Detox is one of the best facilities in the United States that helps thousands of patients to achieve abstinence. You can also find influential self-help groups, undergo comprehensive counseling, utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, or attempt to undergo detoxification at The Haven. 

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

There are a variety of different symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal. These symptoms can start as early as two hours after the last drink, peaking roughly 24 to 48 hours after. Some common signs of alcohol withdrawal include sleepiness, rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, sweating, trembling, and fever. Seizures may also occur.

For long-term drinkers, alcohol has depressant effects that create physical dependence. As a result, the body needs higher amounts of alcohol to achieve the same impact. Consequently, when a person stops drinking, the brain scrambles to remedy the chemical imbalance. This results in debilitating withdrawal symptoms separate from the “feel good” effects of alcohol. 

Drinking alcohol can affect the central nervous system, affecting the brain’s ability to regulate emotions and thinking. In heavy drinkers, alcohol depresses brain activity, leading to depression, trembling, and anxiety. The brain also produces naturally stimulating chemicals to compensate for the effects of alcohol. However, if you have only been drinking occasionally, you are unlikely to experience these symptoms. The depressant influence of alcohol can lead to the onset of symptoms, from mild to severe.

When a person stops drinking alcohol, they may be prone to experiencing delirium tremens, a severe form of withdrawal. DTs manifest one to four days after the last alcohol consumption. DTs can cause several dangerous changes in the brain’s regulation. In severe cases, the affected person may even have seizures or disorientation. The affected person may also suffer from visual hallucinations.

Symptoms of Delirium Tremens

Delirium tremens can occur in people who drink excessive amounts of alcohol and have a history of alcohol withdrawal. This condition is particularly likely to occur in people who drink four or more wine or seven to eight pints of beer daily.

Individuals who drink alcohol regularly for more than a decade are also at risk of experiencing it. For these reasons, medical treatment for alcohol withdrawal is vital.

DTs, or delirium tremens, are potentially life-threatening complications of alcohol withdrawal. DTs typically cause physical symptoms, such as changes in body temperature, breathing, and blood circulation. It may also result in seizures and electrolyte imbalance, which is when minerals control body functions. 

In severe cases, treatment is necessary for a facility like Haven Detox. DTs are a serious concern and must consider immediately. To avoid further complications, seek medical attention at Haven Detox for DTs. 

How Do Face Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?

If you’re attempting to quit drinking and have begun to experience the terrible effects of alcohol withdrawal, you’ve probably wondered: “How do I deal with Alcohol withdrawal symptoms?” Here is the solution to this complex process’s physical and mental challenges

First, you should consult with a medical professional to determine the cause of your symptoms. In some cases, these symptoms may be due to a physical or psychological problem, but the main types of addiction treatments are available at Haven Detox. 

One of the most severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms is delirium tremens. This illness is the most dangerous, often occurring between 48 and 72 hours after quitting drinking. In such cases, you should seek medical treatment immediately. Our supervisions are available 24/7, so you can call any time to get our medications.

In addition to being physically uncomfortable, people who experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms often develop alcohol-related damage to their organs. Doctors at The Haven check for vitamin deficiencies since poor nutrition is every day among people who are alcohol dependent.

The most common signs of post-acute alcohol withdrawal are continued trouble sleeping and mood issues. Symptoms of delirium tremens may signify a more severe problem and can be life-threatening. For this reason, you must undergo medically-assisted detox to prevent serious health problems. The Haven is one of the facilities in West Palm Beach where you move towards a life of recovery. 

You’ll need to let your doctor know your drinking history to ensure you get the proper treatment. A doctor can prescribe prescription medications for you. 

These prescription medications can help alleviate some withdrawal symptoms, allowing you to stay sober and focus on the other aspects of your recovery. 

The graphic explaining intensity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Benefits of Alcohol Detox at Haven Detox

A person’s recovery from addiction begins with the process of detoxification. If you want to help yourself or a loved one, you must choose Haven detox for the detoxification program. During detox, the person experiences physical, psychological, and emotional stabilization. 

They can then focus on developing essential goals for the future. It includes pursuing an education or returning to a school they left due to their addiction. They may even pursue a career. So, if you’re battling alcoholism, consider the benefits of alcohol detox at The Haven Detox.

Provide Counseling

Before starting your alcohol detox, it’s essential to have a plan for your future. The goal is to regain control of your life. Detox is the first step in the recovery process. If unsure where to begin, call a professional addiction at Haven Detox and schedule a consultation with a trained counselor. Our counselors can help you map out what you’ll be doing if you keep drinking.

24-Hour Quality Care

In addition to physical benefits, detoxing from alcohol and other drugs can positively affect a person’s personal relationships. Not only will this process help break the cycle, but it can also help prevent negative consequences. 

Ultimately, alcoholism and other drug addiction treatments can save your relationship and life. You will get a life free of stress and addiction when taking alcohol detox from our facility. 

Professional Guidance

After the initial phase of alcohol detox, the withdrawal symptoms will begin. Depending on how long you’ve been drinking, these can be uncomfortable or life-threatening. 

For this reason, medical professionals recommend that alcoholics don’t attempt to detox on their own without supervision. It means daily visits with a medical professional. In addition, individuals benefit from the professional guidance of alcohol detox at Haven Detox.

Supportive and Comfortable Environment

Many people believe that alcohol detox is not as dangerous as drug detox. It isn’t true! Although you can experience withdrawal symptoms and potentially dangerous health conditions, alcohol detox at Haven Detox facility has several advantages that make it worth pursuing. 

These include receiving medication that will ease the symptoms and help with the recovery process. Our medication included Codeine and Adderall, and much more. 

However, it will be given by considering the condition of the patient. Interacting with other patients in a supportive environment will significantly increase your chances of success.

Residential Treatment

Removing alcohol from the body helps the liver shed fat and improve its functions. This process can take between four and eight weeks. The inpatient option is more beneficial if you want an optimal detoxification program to stay sober.

Inpatient Versus Outpatient Options

When choosing medical alcohol detox programs, patients must determine the best option for their needs. While intensive and general outpatient programs are often successful for dedicated individuals, others need more structure and medical attention. If you have health insurance, you should check with your provider about the availability of programs in your area. If you verify insurance, you can even take advantage of your policy to save thousands of dollars.

While inpatient treatment is structured, outpatient programs allow participants to continue with daily responsibilities while receiving treatment. Inpatient programs require patients to stay at the facility during all hours of treatment, while outpatient programs are flexible during the day. Outpatient services generally consist of 30 to 60-minute sessions with a therapist once to thrice per week. 

The Haven provides inpatients at our residential treatment program with quality services. Inpatient programs can also include sober living homes. The key difference between inpatient and outpatient programs is the degree of supervision and the number of people participating. An inpatient program is more considering when taking alcohol detox as you are in the eyes of the professionals.

Develop a New Healthy Life at The Haven

Alcohol addiction can be a challenging thing to overcome on your own. Detoxing from a substance can be incredibly uncomfortable with painful withdrawal symptoms, which is why many people often give up on their recovery. Fortunately, The Haven is here to help. Our proven detox methods will comfortably and safely remove alcohol from your body, while our practical therapy sessions will teach you ways to cope and prevent relapse in the future. We offer residential and outpatient programs to match the needs of our patients.

If you are fighting alcohol withdrawal symptoms and want to stop the side effects of alcohol on the brain, The Haven Detox is available for you. Reach us at (561) 328-8627 for additional information.

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