Our Mission

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Our Mission

To deliver our clients the most comprehensive, beneficial medical detoxification services available. Our goal, to stabilize our clients’ physical and mental health, providing the best opportunity for life-long sobriety.

Addition is a constant issue on our society, as relapse rates for addiction resembles those of other chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. We at Haven Detox are dedicated in bringing the best opportunity for life-long sobriety

Proven Methods

Our process uses proven treatment methods with real results. Our addiction treatment professionals on staff use their experience and expertise in this industry to change a client’s life and help them make a full life-long recovery.

Strategies & Principles

The Haven Detox encourages our clients to continue on the path to recovery from active addiction.

There are certain steps that anyone struggling with an addiction must take if they want to learn how to quit abusing drugs or alcohol, including:

  • Committing to quitting.
  • Determining and setting goals.
  • Choosing a treatment plan.
  • Getting support during treatment.
  • Planning to live an addiction-free life.

Haven Detox Mission

We know that a high percentage of people seeking treatment for substance abuse and addiction also suffer from other mental health issues.

Haven Detox Mission is to fight Drug and Alcohol Addition

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