About Me:

Scott George is the Facility Manager and Safety officer for The Haven Detox. He was an All-star baseball player for Seminole Ridge High school where he was the starting pitcher for the team. Unfortunately, in 2005 he was in a car accident and suffered a career ending shoulder injury. Which lead him down a dark path of depression and drug abuse. In 2015, he turned his life around for the better. He decided to do this because he was sick and tired of the destruction he was causing to himself and his loved ones. After seeking treatment and taking suggestions, he now has been sober since. Scott uses his past to connect to the clients who are experiencing similar struggles and encourages all Haven employees to share the same level of compassion. While working at The Haven, he is also pursuing his Bachelor’s degree at Palm Beach State College, majoring in Project management. He plans to utilize his advanced degree to continue his growth within the Executive Management Team at The Haven Detox. His career goal is to be The Chief Operating Officer.