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Get Premium Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction at The Haven Detox

3 types of substance use treatment Premium Treatment

When it comes to drug and substance abuse treatment, finding a quality facility that will provide the medical care and support you need in your recovery is essential. While your treatment takes place, a premium facility will ensure that you have a comfortable place to rest and are fed gourmet food for a more comfortable recovery process. 

If you started taking drugs because of financial strain, emotional weakness, or relationship problems, there is always a turning point to help. In the United States, 21.7 million people receive treatment for substance use disorder as per National Survey on Drug Use and Health. We at Haven Detox offer exquisite intensive inpatient rehab, and intensive outpatient programs are available weekly for patients.

The treatment plans at Haven Detox are tailor-made, all according to individual needs. Not only will you be treated separately from others, but you will also receive a never-before experience with a protocol detox treatment. We have a multidisciplinary team to assist you with your respective reasons, whether drugs or alcohol addiction. 

Following a holistic approach to treating alcohol abuse can be proven fruitful. Haven Detox is not only a treatment center but is a safe place where you can get extensive care. Therapies leading to medically-assisted 24-hours care can provide you with needed stability.  


The Haven Detox-South Florida provides patients with an environment that is friendly and suitable for them. We have a serene outdoor setting so that you can walk or run and get a luxury feel.

A peaceful setting pattern can positively impact all the residents from one-on-one counseling sessions to family therapy. Our residential plan also makes it a wonderful experience for all visiting us. We are providing lifelong recovery while spreading the message of care and respect. Our facilities also have sports and a games arena to upsurge the recreational element.

Symptoms and Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

When you begin abusing drugs, you won’t realize how they will compromise your health until it’s too late. You have to contemplate that every drug abuse has consequences. Below are some signs of addiction:

  • Too rapid or rambling speed of speech
  • Hallucinations
  • Confusion
  • Restlessness
  • Being unable to control your intake
  • Behavioral changes
  • Aggression and energy
  • Nausea
  • Disturbed stomach
  • Liver aches
  • Distracts from work and family
  • Weakening of your immune system
  • Cardiovascular problems.

Detoxification Leading to Recovery

Our residential rehab program can assist those addicted to alcohol or drugs and permanently break the cycle of addiction. After the admissions process takes place at the convenience of our clientele, we start the precise care detoxification. The initial recovery phase involves detoxification, where your body is rid of the substance. Haven Detox offers the luxury you want during alcohol use treatment or other drug addictions.

Detoxing from alcohol and other drugs is not always straightforward and should not be tried at home as it can bring many serious consequences. Starting over from many treatment options, you need to understand that our plans are personalized for you. Patients undergoing drug or alcohol detoxification may require medical assistance to cope with the detoxification process’s physical and psychological side effects.

Detoxification centers for alcohol and other drugs can help with this. The patient’s vital signs are monitored at detox facilities, and medication is provided to treat any new or changing symptoms. Clients may have access to additional addiction treatment services such as group therapy, individual counseling, and recovery groups, depending on the alcohol detox program.

The length of the detox process is determined by the type of drug and the degree of dependence. Anyone who believes they or someone they know could benefit from an alcohol or drug detoxification program. It would help if you looked into detoxification programs for recovery.

Treatment Programs:

Our numerous programs are here to facilitate your recovery needs. Haven Detox is the perfect place to get the quality treatment that will lead to long-term recovery. In many substance abuse treatment centers, we develop detailed rehab programs designed with attention to detail.

From emotional support to courage, our clinical excellence can help you to overcome tough challenges. When you have a family history of addiction, you will be more likely to deal with such a condition.

After completing detoxification programs, patients may benefit from ongoing individual and group counseling to help them avoid relapsing into substance abuse. Caution is required when it comes to drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.


Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient is a part-time program to assist you in getting on the right track. You can continue going to your work or college while the treatment is ongoing. The medically assisted behavioral therapies and counseling can make recovery easier. A partial hospitalization program is prepared to keep you continuing routine matters while your recovery is ongoing.

Residential Treatment

Residential therapies are designed for those who want no outside triggers to disturb them by any means. From adjustment to intensive therapy, it is all about rehabilitation from the drug and addiction. You will be residing in the facility for the duration of the inpatient program to benefit from the proximity of your personal treatment team and medical professionals.

Inpatient Treatment

The most intensive type of therapy is residential treatment, also known as inpatient treatment. A 30- to 90-day treatment regimen with outpatient treatment in the middle is not uncommon. Mostly it is a family member program to get the help you heal in the presence of your family. 

After Care Plan

You will not only receive recovery treatment from drug and alcohol disorders, but you will get aftercare treatment as well. You will be amazed at the assistance of counselors who will bring you closer to peer support. 

You will be connected with support groups that can help keep you on the right track after recovering. It is the best option to keep you on the right track when leaving the facility. A treatment today can lead to a prosperous tomorrow!

What Addictions Does the Haven Treat?

Our core focus is to facilitate our clientele and treat all types of life-endangering drug addictions. Our ambition is to make the recovery process smooth, helping people get treatment for the addictions they never intended to have but have become a health hazard to them over time. You will feel encouraged that a personalized plan at Haven Detox can help you get treatment for various drug addictions. 

Not only will you get addiction medicine, but from detox to therapies, there is an integrated plan to help you become better day by day. It would help if you had medical advice from a professional because treating on your own can be disastrous in some cases.


Below is the list of treatments that you can receive at our premium treatment facility.

  • Alcoholism treatment
  • Barbiturate treatment
  • Benzodiazepine treatment
  • Cocaine treatment
  • Opioid treatment
  •  Heroin treatment
  • Methadone treatment
  • Methamphetamine treatment

Alcoholism Treatment

When you lose control in managing alcohol control and start with heavy drinking, alcohol abuse can increase the grave consequences of PTSD and other mental health issues. Our detox program also addresses your distress with mental health services, including counseling and more.

If binge drinking goes on the rise and you can’t stop because of chemical dependency, we will help you with a properly administered medical detox. Our alcohol rehab mission is to give you the happiness of life back through the recovery phase.

Barbiturate Treatment

The life-threatening barbiturate dose needs immediate treatment. Inducing anesthesia can be due to barbiturate use, and if it is not treated, it can lead to coma and even death in severe cases. Our professionals have got the right expertise for your medical needs. Our luxury rehab center can get it treated promptly.

Benzodiazepine Treatment

Benzodiazepine is one of the prescription medications often prescribed for anxiety, but as it is a sedative medication, its overuse can harm your health. Insomnia treating medicine can lead to mental illness if not treated well. 

An increased overdose leads you towards addiction. Benzo addiction can be extremely hazardous and has severe withdrawal symptoms too. We treat it with therapeutic modalities ensuring a smooth control of its addiction. A careful detox has to be administered either for partial hospitalization or seven days, depending on the condition.

Cocaine Treatment

Cocaine addiction can be very harmful to one’s health. We have got treatment plans for each and everyone’s unique needs. Living with cocaine addiction is dangerous as it is difficult for you to leave it as its cravings are severe. It is a drug addiction for which you need to consult with a qualified doctor. 

It takes almost one month to get free from cocaine cravings as the withdrawal symptoms are sometimes so dangerous that they can lead to relapse. Our Rehab lavishness will encourage you to return to your better life with a new beginning. You can also use your health insurance for alcohol and drugs if applicable. In 2010, Affordable Care Act in the USA did wonders in the insurance market, bringing reforms and security to many.

Heroin Treatment

Heroin is one of the dangerous addictions that can be proven fatal for your well-being. The sedative and euphoric outcomes make it joyous for the time being. After building some tolerance, people start to get heroin mixed with another opioid, making it riskier. 

With a controlled dose of suboxone, the harmful withdrawal symptoms are controlled for cocaine. Heroin will negatively impact your mental health, so get its detox at the premium treatment facility, The Haven in Southern Florida.

Methadone Treatment

It is a legally prescribed medication for treating opioid use disorder, but mostly, people don’t realize when they become dependent on it. It is to treat another severe opioid disease, but with long-term use, it can become a significant problem. 

Methadone is among the hard-to-use drugs at first but leads to having a destructive impact on your health. There are meager chances to stop using methadone unless and until you get it treated by the experts. We at Haven Detox-South Florida provide you with excellent methadone detox so you don’t face any relapse.

Opioid Treatment

More than 3 million American citizens have to deal with Opioid use disorder. Starting over from Opioids for pain relief can lead to their addiction; worry, not a luxury drug rehab can get you covered. Opioid addiction has been common among men as well as women. 

We have individual-centric opioid treatment plans from assessment and detail on the call; we design treatments accordingly. From talk therapies combined with medical care, a person gets ultimate recovery when they visit the Haven Detox-South Florida to get healed.


Patients who deal with SUD or OUD fear recovery because they are more concerned about the severe withdrawal symptoms. 

Our staff is well-vetted to give you immaculate recovery from residential treatment to weekend therapies in an outpatient program. We have master-level clinicians readily there to monitor the patient while the other therapies are in the process. Our addiction medicine specialists provide a controlled dose of medications when needed, not now and then, as they widely monitor patients.

Vital Nutrient IV Therapy

Drug addiction leads to dehydration and specific health problems for which our team has the necessary skills to inject vital nutrients into all the patients. Our necessary nutrient IV therapy deals with the deficiencies of the body. We cognize that nutrition depletion causes serious defects you need to overcome.

TMS Therapy

If you are dealing with bipolar disorder, our dual diagnosis treatment program can be helpful. It includes drug addiction and mental health issues, and if depression has been rising, then you need this treatment. In less than six weeks, a patient can get uplifted with hope against despair and anxiety. TPS therapy is designed in an appropriate order for stimulating your brain with the help of magnetic fields. 

21.7 million people receive treatment for substance use disorder
 Premium Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five categories of drug treatment?

The five categories that need treatment are marijuana, cocaine, opioids, and methadone benzodiazepine.

What is the specialized treatment?

In such treatments, medical attention for marital and family counseling, including psychiatric and physical conditions, post-treatment, and living arrangements a person requires specialized treatment.

What is the drug-free treatment?

When it is an outpatient weekly drug-free program, it is mainly based on the therapies rather than other medical treatments administered under inpatient. In this program, you will get behavioral therapies and clinical screening for the best treatment.

Where are private drugs mental treatment centers?

In South Florida, The Haven treatment facility is your foremost choice to get favorable treatment for all drug addiction and mental health.

Is treatment for drug addiction inpatient or outpatient?

Drug addiction treatment varies on the choice of a person. If they have the time, they can reside and detox with medical assistance, whereas in outpatient, evidence-based therapies are administered.

The Haven is Your Go-to Place for Premium Substance Abuse Recovery

We offer our patients luxurious treatment for drug and alcohol additions at Haven Detox. Receive state-of-the-art treatment from a luxury rehab facility committed to providing you with a better tomorrow with rehabilitation

Residential and outpatient programs are available to our patients for an experience that best matches your needs. When you are ready to take the first step towards recovery, call us at (561) 328-8627.

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