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Sober Apps to Recover from Addiction

Addiction Recovery has entered the 21st century. Technology equips people with Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction

Previous generations did not have this benefit. Now there are many apps to help people stay sober. The best sobriety apps may track your progress, inspire you, and keep you accountable.

It can be challenging to become sober in the first place. Relapse prevention is essential to a person’s long-term success in the recovery process because of this. 

Even though there is a wide selection of apps available, it can take time to discover ones that meet your needs. We have put together a list of some of the top sobriety-related apps to assist you in finding apps that keep you motivated.

Key Takeaways

People can recover from alcohol and drug addiction with technology. Sobriety apps may monitor your growth, uplift you, and keep you in control.

  • Apps for staying sober are convenient.
  • App developers make recovery resources spread so users can carry them around with them.
  • Alcohol recovery is tough to do on your own. We chose essential apps and ensured that each app had positive customer feedback.

The Haven Detox-South Florida helps you stay healthy by finding the right apps. You can get help by calling an expert advisor at (561) 328-8627.

What are Sober Apps?

App developers grew their efforts and did research with technology to equip people with addiction treatment. 

They provide additional resources so people can carry them in their pockets. They ease people’s lives by giving them 24 hours of support and links with the mind, spirit, and body.

Now, it’s easy to monitor triggers, keep a virtual notebook, track your sobriety, and link with others on the road to recovery through sober apps.

There are many convenient apps available today to help people stay sober. These sober apps work to extend recovery past rehabilitation.

Top 5 Addiction Recovery Apps

Although sobriety apps are a recent technical activity, multiple iPhone and Android apps have already become well-known. It depends on the app, and certain functions may be available. Some apps provide a single service. 

Others have several tools available to aid users in staying sober. Sober journey apps are a helpful tool for all users.

Here are the five most known apps for addiction recovery:

I Am Sober 

It is a straightforward app. It keeps track of Recovery using a sobriety counter to record milestones. It also keeps tabs on how much money the user has saved by abstaining from drug and alcohol use

I Am Sober provides inspirational messages for ongoing motivation. It is a free app available on iOS & Android.

AA Speakers To Go

A database with more than 400 audio recordings of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) talks is called AA Speakers To Go. In-app purchases are also available for specific workshops and presentations.

It is a free app available on iOS & Android.

NA Speakers

It is a collection of more than 300 audio recordings of recovery speakers from several conventions of Narcotics Anonymous.

It is a free app available on iOS & Android.

Recovery Box

The Recovery Box is a complete toolbox based on the 12-step program. It has tools from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

A recovery sobriety calculator, recovery tales, AA readings, sponsorship, notes, lists, and chat messages are a few of the great tools from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in the app.

It is a free app available on iOS & Android.

Sober Grid 

People can connect with other sober people locally and throughout the digital world with this social app.

It is a free app available on iOS & Android.

Benefits of Sober Apps

Technology is influencing daily life. It has become increasingly evident since the emergence of smartphones. 

In addition, mobile apps have been created to help users with all parts of their lives, including sobriety and addiction recovery. These apps provide their users with several benefits, such as:

Constant Access

There are fears and triggers everywhere, but now most people need their smartphones to leave the house. They always have a network of people they can turn to for advice on coping tools and inspiration.

Widespread Availability

These apps are available to everyone with a smartphone. Regardless of their location, financial situation, or any other barriers, making them one of the most accessible types of recovery help. Sobriety apps can save lives for those who couldn’t seek rehab aftercare.


Recovery from addiction is a process that has personal stories that not everyone is ready to debate. Without having to contact a hotline, join a group, or go to a therapist in person, apps for people in recovery enable them to seek support secretly. There are support groups for help.


Addiction professionals who are authorities on the subject or who use authoritative sources create most sobriety apps. In either case, these apps offer excellent access to reliable scientific data.


Many smartphone addiction apps are free. Some apps just cost a few dollars when purchased all at once. Such cheap prices guarantee that everyone who needs recovery support can access it.

How We Chose Sober Apps

We kept a few important key points in mind as we looked for the top recovery apps:

  • Education: We searched for apps that offered educational materials to help users learn about addiction and recovery.
  • Community: Alcohol recovery is tough to do on your own. We looked for apps connecting users with others since we believed a recovery community should play a significant role.
  • Consumer Ratings and Reviews: We ensured that each app had positive customer feedback.
  • Progress: We looked for apps that make it simple to monitor and applaud users’ healing progress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best sobriety counter app?

One of the quit drinking apps with the most positive reviews is Sobriety Counter. The app includes a countdown meter to track particular health benefits brought about by the decision to stop drinking.
Members can access their savings totals and set sure treats to be purchased with the money saved. The Sobriety Counter app can help to track a user’s sobriety length.
The Sobriety Counter app, one of the most popular, offers a fully customized route for people to manage their recovery plan and share their experience with those they trust.

Are there any free sober apps?

Due to their portability, sobriety apps offer the utmost convenience. You can take them everywhere. Everywhere we go, we all have our smartphones with us. 
It means that regardless of where you are or what time of day it is, you can access an app that deals with drug or alcohol addiction recovery. 
Find an app that speaks to you from the top free sober-related apps list.
I Am Sober
AA Speakers To Go
NA Speakers
Recovery Box
Sober Grid
12 Step Toolkit
Twenty-Four Hours a Day
No matter how long you’ve been clean, the recovery-based apps above can help you stay in touch with a support network and accomplish your treatment goals.

Is there an app for stopping drinking?

The “Sobriety Counter-EasyQuit” app can help you quit drinking instantly or slowly. It has many features to help you stay motivated, such as reminders, financial savings, and statistics about your body’s health and how it improves and grows without alcohol.
People can access their savings balances and fix specific rewards to be paid for with their savings. The sobriety Counter app can track a user’s sobriety duration.
You can write up motivations on how you want to stop consuming alcohol, and the app will serve as a daily reminder.
You can use the game included in the app to divert their attention from the need to drink if it strikes.

Find Sobriety at The Haven Detox-South Florida

There are multiple aids available to those in Recovery outside the Apple and Google Play shops. Counseling is becoming more and more common and accessible. 

The Haven Detox-South Florida provides therapy for mental health and substance use disorders with highly qualified, certified therapists. With the help of our SMART Recovery and cognitive behavioral therapy, you can receive medication-assisted treatment while also gaining access to individual and group therapy.

The Haven Detox-South Florida can help you if you seek drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We know how it is difficult to ask for help, and we clarify how we can assist you in achieving and maintaining sobriety. We provide many treatment options of care and help for the entire family.

You don’t need to be shy to ask for help if you are battling a drug or alcohol addiction. 

Call us at (561) 328-8627 if you want to talk privately and find resources for life after recovery with a member of our friendly staff.

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