State-Of-The-Art Facility At The Haven Detox

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An important part of The Haven Detox treatment philosophy is that of making sure clients are as comfortable as possible throughout their stay. We go to great lengths to provide facilities and accommodations that make that possible. From the moment the client walks through the front door to the moment he/she leaves en route to a new life free of drugs and alcohol, he/she experiences a relaxing and conducive environment that enhances recovery efforts.

The accommodations in our detox facility includes modestly appointed and beautifully decorated rooms, some with en-suite facilities included. Rooms provide beautiful views of the surrounding area all year round. In terms of shared areas, we offer plenty of space in which to relax, enjoy good conversation, and sit down to a good meal.

Our detoxification facility starts with a variety of treatment rooms that can be used for individual and group therapies. There is space for group counseling, for example, as well as more private space that allows for one-on-one counseling or periods of reflection and introspection. There is a basketball and recreational sports area that we use to promote a lifestyle of fitness among our clients.

Outdoors, all residents enjoy plenty of space to walk, run or just sit and relax. We do our best to maintain a peaceful setting that is conducive to a distraction-free recovery. Our maintenance staff works diligently to make sure the property is maintained in a clean and attractive way, all while being environmentally friendly.  If you are in need of treatment in Indianapolis Indiana, please visit our Indianapolis inpatient rehab.

The Haven Detox Staff believes that everyone in need of drug or alcohol rehab deserves every opportunity to recover in a safe and secure environment. We strive to provide that environment for each and every client. We welcome your inquiries about our facilities and accommodation.