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How Can We Deal With the Stigma of Addiction?

Every day there are new medical issues listed and diagnosed. New diseases are discovered, and new treatment methods are sought out. Every day new campaigns are created to raise funds for awareness, medical treatment, and other elements related to commonly known medical issues. Nobody condemns anyone for having a tumor, or congenital heart disease. However, rehabs have to make a real effort to help people understand that addiction is as much of a disease as the aforementioned medical issues are. Studies are beginning to unearth data that point to addiction having a genetic factor that may not have been recognized in the past.

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What Are Common Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?

Alcohol is one of the most challenging substances to eliminate in the lives of those addicted and can produce severe withdrawal symptoms. Using detox medication under close medical supervision can reduce withdrawal symptoms substantially and improve the likelihood of achieving long-term freedom from alcohol addiction.

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How To Know If You Have a Drinking Problem

Many people can have an occasional drink and stop after one or two while attending a social event or unwinding after a long day. There are; however, a larger majority of people that are unable to drink in moderation and cannot simply stop. Over drinking can lead to problems in your life when it comes to relationships, work, and sometimes legal issues. Excess drinking can also cause your judgment to be impaired, increasing the chance for you to make dangerous decisions, which could potentially harm or even kill someone.

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When Drinking Becomes Alcoholism?

Keeping in mind that denial is the No. 1 symptom of alcoholism, sometimes a person will admit problem drinking, but cringes at the thought of admitting alcoholism. Despite ongoing education about the progression of alcoholism and increased awareness of symptoms and treatment, the word “alcoholism” still seems to bear a stigma. In order to distinguish the fine line between what one might label “problem drinking” and “alcoholism,” self-honesty is the most important tool.

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What Type of Sleeping Issues Can Arise During Alcohol Withdrawal?

Alcohol withdrawal has multiple signs and symptoms. One key symptom is trouble sleeping. Included in sleep disturbance is intense dreaming and nightmares. The withdrawal of alcohol from an alcohol dependent person elicits symptoms that are just the opposite of what alcohol may do for someone. Alcohol is often used by people to help them get to sleep. It can be effective to help people get to sleep but it is not effective in helping them stay asleep. The opposite of helping people to get to sleep is trouble sleeping.

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Top 5 Tips for a Successful Intervention

An intervention is an arranged meeting between the addict/alcoholic and their close family members, friends, and possibly a neutral party like a therapist where the addict is lovingly confronted about their addiction or substance abuse problems. The key word and idea here is “lovingly” – there are a few different ways to conduct an intervention, but to do it with love and care is the most important consideration.

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Finding Local Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

Drug and alcohol addiction can ravage body and mind alike—so much so that, when drug or alcohol use is abruptly discontinued, the physical effects can be jarring. This is the process known as detoxification, and, if you’ve never experienced drug and alcohol detox before, it can be daunting to say the least. To provide some clarity and encouragement, consider the following, brief guide to drug and alcohol detox—one that will hopefully clear up some questions about what the process entails.

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