The Team

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Kirill Vesselov
Lucy Weiss

Chief Operating Officer

Lucy facilitates day to day operations with care and compassion. Lucy has worked in the substance abuse industry for over a decade in various capacities and specializes in compliance. Lucy also plays a critical role in working with our patients and their families to facilitate recovery and healing.

Kirill Vesselov
James Samuels

Facility Management

James has worked with The Haven Detox for seven years. He specializes in crisis prevention, risk management, and ensuring patient safety. James plays a vital role supervising the Behavioral Health Technician staff and day-to-day operations.

Kirill Vesselov
Amanda Dinatale

Client Care Coordinator

Amanda plays an important role in patient care. For four years she has worked at our facility, ensuring patients receive comprehensive treatment. From scheduling therapy sessions, to making sure each client has everything they need, Amanda cares for each client with dignity and respect.


Kirill Vesselov
Stacy Riordan

Director of Nursing

For over 14 years, Stacy has worked with patients struggling with psychiatric conditions. Stacy specializes in co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. Stacy focuses on patient well-being and guides our nursing team to excellence in care.

Kirill Vesselov
Taylor Ellis


Taylor is one of our valuable nurses who works with clients directly to ensure their comfort, medical stability, and quality of care. Taylor is an important part of our staff and continues to exhibit excellence and strength in caring for her patients.

Kirill Vesselov
Heather Lors

Medical Staffing and Scheduling

Heather works with our nursing and medical staff to schedule care and therapy sessions. By making sure each patient receives the care they need in a timely manner, Heather is an important part of the treatment process.


Kirill Vesselov
Michele Fyfe

Clinical Director

Michele is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 20 years of experience in the field of substance abuse and mental health treatment. She excels in evidence based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy and working with clients to overcome barriers to success.

Kirill Vesselov
Kathy Maenza

Clinical Therapist

Kathy is a clinical therapist who received her Masters in Social Work, as well as other certifications on her journey to providing top-notch care for her patients. Kathy specializes in motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Kirill Vesselov
Jose Soler

Clinical Therapist

Jose received his Masters in Clinical Psychology and has been working with The Haven Detox for over two years. He specialized in treatment of anxiety and depression, as they relate to substance abuse disorders. Through evidence based treatment models, Jose helps his patients find a life of healing and success.

Kirill Vesselov
Susan White

Case Management

Susan is one of our Case Managers who works with clients on all fronts. She received her Bachelors in Psychology and came aboard our staff with experience as a veteran case manager. She ensures that clients’ external stressors are handled such as court dates, family communication, and more.


Kirill Vesselov
Nicholas Vaccarino

Director of Alumni

Nick works with patients on a daily basis to connect with them and help them find long-term recovery. Through the connections he builds with patients and their peers, he generates a culture of sobriety and caring for one another.

Kirill Vesselov
Ralph Johnson

Director of Marketing

Ralph has worked for The Haven Detox for over six years. Through his nationwide networking and relationship building, Ralph helps to coordinate aftercare planning for patients. With his wide array of connections and experience helping people find long-term recovery, Ralph is a pivotal part of our team.