Why Drug Detox Is Important

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Medical drug detox is the safest way to cleanse the body of all drug and alcohol toxins, because it is done in a safely monitored environment, rather than alone and “cold turkey”, which can be extremely dangerous when not under the proper medical care. Under the right supervision and with the proper detox medications if needed, the painful symptoms of withdrawal can be greatly lessened and the drug rehabilitation process can begin and begin properly.

Florida is currently one of the fastest growing states when it comes to people entering drug detox. Because the weather makes for an ideal environment to seek help in, many clients chose to leave their current locations, which may serve as reminders for drug and alcohol abuse, and begin the process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation in a new and more suitable climate known for outdoor activities and wellness year round. Regardless of where a person chooses to seek help for their addiction, why exactly would one need to detox before entering into an inpatient treatment program?

When a thorough drug detox program precedes a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program, the entire process will greatly increase the likelihood of a client staying off drugs and alcohol. Drug detox in short, means the process of cleaning toxins that have accumulated in your body from substance abuse, a process that safely removes them from your system. If you’re goal is to start a better life in recovery, detox is a mandatory first step towards doing so. Without detox, the success ratio and likelihood of staying off drugs is greatly decreased, as the physical aspects of addiction need to be addressed and the body itself needs to recover, considering what a heavy toll drugs and alcohol can take on an individual’s health.

Because drugs leave residual toxins in the body, which greatly contributes to post withdrawals such as drug cravings, anxiety, depression, irritability and fatigue, it is vital that anyone seeking drug and alcohol treatment first enters a detox facility to “get clean” so to speak. Not only will detox allow a patient to safely recover from withdrawal symptoms, it is in detox that a patient will also learn the importance of eating right, as a good diet is also an effective way of ridding the body of toxins.

There is a huge misconception with individuals when it comes to drug and alcohol detox programs. They believe that they can get past drug and alcohol addiction on their own, mistakenly thinking that when the physical withdrawal symptoms subside they can stay sober, drug and alcohol free. Unfortunately recovery is more complex and requires several steps to be completely healthy, both physically and mentally. Step one begins with drug detox, followed by step two – an inpatient rehab center.

So again, why is drug detox so important? Because a good drug and alcohol detox program is always going to be the safest and most successful option when starting a rehabilitation process. Medically cleansing the body of all harmful substances allows oneself to start anew physically, with fewer withdrawal symptoms and begin the next phase of drug and alcohol treatment with a clear mind. And taking the proper steps in treatment, from detox to outpatient, allows all patients the greatest chance of a full and healthy recovery, free from the dangers and pain of addiction.

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