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The Haven Detox

A Premier Drug and Alcohol Detox.

1325 Haverhill Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33417

Over 7,000 Treated

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The Haven Detox Story

The Haven Detox is a private drug and alcohol detox program in West Palm Beach.

At The Haven Detox we provide the highest quality of care to our patients. We strive to guide everyone we treat towards a life of recovery and success; free from drugs and alcohol.

Our experienced staff use evidence based treatment modalities to treat the underlying causes of addiction. We use individualized treatment plans to ensure we meet the specific needs of each person in our care. There is a way out of addiction, and it starts at the Haven Detox.

Our facility has been treating addiction and alcoholism for years. We opened our doors with the goal of helping as many people recover from addiction as possible. We then expanded upon that goal, striving to provide a full continuum of care and multiple treatment options to those we treat. 

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Why choose us

Cutting Edge Proven Philosophy

The Haven Detox is a private facility with years of experience treating alcoholism and addiction. We understand our patients individual needs, which is why we put a strong focus on individualized treatment. We focus on comfort and effectively detoxing those in our care.  

Medically Supervised Setting

Our goal is to ensure that everyone we treat experiences a comfortable and safe detox. After the detox process, healing can begin through therapy. We prepare our clients for recovery and treatment by providing the most effective detox available. 

Evidence Based Treatment

The Haven Detox uses proven detox tapers and treatment plans that are evidence based and proven to be effective. We provide medical supervision and care 24 hours a day by experienced doctors and nurses to ensure the safety of our clients.

Individualized Treatment Plans

We understand that everyone’s needs are different, which often dictates a need for customized care. We provide individualized treatment plans to help build the plan of success for recovery. 

Case Management

The Haven Detox understands that people often have needs and responsibilities outside of their treatment. Our case management staff is caring and understanding. They work tirelessly to help those in our care with handing their outside responsibilities.

Aftercare Planning

Detox is often the first step towards a life of recovery. After detox, most people attend inpatient treatment. We work with our clients to set them up with a program that meets their needs. Whether that is at one of our facilities or not, we make sure that everyone we treat has a plan for their success.

the haven detox reception

Our Promise

Our Cutting-Edge Treatment Philosophy

The Haven Detox takes an individualized approach to treating addiction. We focus on providing the most effective and comfortable detox possible to ensure that our clients are prepared for inpatient treatment and therapy. We prepare you for a life of happiness and recovery through evidence based treatments and aftercare planning. Our detox program understands the need for a pleasant detox experience before treatment. We are here to help.

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