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The Haven Detox is proud to say that we have helped thousands of struggling addicts & alcoholics find their way back to a happy & fulfilled life. The good news for addicts is that people can and do change. There is hope to take control and start over.

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The Haven Detox is one of the most well respected and trusted drug and alcohol medical detoxes in the country. We’re the first step on the road to lifelong recovery. We can help any individual truly recover and live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

We understand the difficulties faced when detoxing from any addiction and our safe and comfortable detox facility is the perfect environment to overcome your addiction. Through our evidence-based addiction treatment programs our patients learn the necessary tools needed to transition back into everyday life. Recovery is a lifelong journey that requires maintenance and patience. Our treatment experts are here to guide you every step of the way. We have successfully treated numerous individuals, and our proven treatment methods utilize the best practices in the industry.

Everyone will experience their own recovery journey, and our clinical detoxification treatment services are customized to meet the needs of our patients. Our individualized care is focused on properly treating each patient, and our compassionate team will help you every step of the way. If you or your loved one is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, help is one phone call away. Our drug and alcohol detox in West Palm Beach is the facility for you.


1Are you unable to quit ?

The Haven Detox provides the finest drug and alcohol detoxification services available. Our detox program is effective at counteracting the effects of drug addiction and alcoholism successfully. We do...

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2Powerful Treatment program

The end goal of our West Palm Beach detox facility is to attain and sustain long-term abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol. Stopping the use of drugs and alcohol allows men and women to lead productiv...

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3Quality Care

At The Haven Detox, you will always receive the quality care you deserve because our commitment to our patients is like no other facility around. We are continuously developing our treatment process, ...

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The Haven Detox is one of the most well respected and trusted drug and alcohol medical detoxes in the country.
We’re the first step on the road to life long recovery.

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  • review rating 5  My husband went to detox of South Florida set up by a “Cris” who last time said he worked for The haven . When he got to Florida went on a hour n half ride to the facility not the facility he thought he was going to. He spent night got kicked out next morning they said he didn’t have a drug problem. He’s 1300 miles from home. Sat on corner road for the whole day. After numerous phone calls I got the haven to drive out to go get him but told the original place detox of South Florida well they picked him up first than kicking him to the curb again the next day on a baker act. I wanted my husband to get help now he’s a prisoner I feel in the rehab/ mental health system billing my insurance taking turns passing him around. I don’t know how to get him back out or even help him at all. He says the people at new horizons are taunting him and are denying him critical care. ITS A NIGHTMARE STAY OUT OF FLORIDA GET HELP AT HOME!! But if your going to go to Florida go to The Haven he was there before it was great Anywhere in Okeechobee is a nightmare. The haven I highly recommend they are even trying to help me with this issue.

    thumb Darlene Stephens

    review rating 5  The staff here were so caring during my stay, anything i needed they were on it. Detoxing was actually made comfortable especially with the nursing staff being here 24/7 I know I could see them if I wasn't feeling well. The food here is like a 5 star restaurant! I came through here not feeling well and down and now I'm leaving ready to take on my recovery. Thank you everyone at The Haven Detox.

    thumb Steven F
  • review rating 4  While I let small things about this place really get to me. My overall experience was pretty good. This place took me with no insurance TWICE. Most places don't even entertain scholarships. The staff here truly cares about each individual client and they never held my poor behavior against me. They understood better than most that we are all sick and suffering in various degrees, and did their best to accommodate us.

    thumb Joseph Whatmough

    review rating 5  From the moment I walked through these doors I felt comfortable. The medical team was there for me whenever I needed anything and the food was just out of this world. The staff was amazing and always made sure that I was doing okay and to see if i needed anything. I am leaving feeling like a whole new person, thanks to The Haven Detox I am ready to begin my recovery on the outside.

    thumb Mariah B
  • review rating 5  Everyone at the haven detox was great to me. I came in broken with little hope to get clean. They took amazing care of me and gave me hope at maintaining sobriety. All the staff was super friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking detox.

    thumb Andrew S

    review rating 5  The Haven Detox is very accommodating and have awesome people working there. They make you feel at home and help you through the detox process. It's a very clean facility. Everyday they offer new, delicious menu items. I was able to see a chiropractor and massage therapist twice a week which helped me feel a lot better too. Thank you to everyone at The Haven Detox.

    thumb David T