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Dangers of Mixing Xanax and Alcohol

mixing xanax and alcoholin:
In the stressful world that we live in, many people have turned to Xanax (alprazolam) to get some relief from anxiety. Xanax is the 13th most commonly prescribed psychiatric drug medication in the United States, and nearly 42 million Americans are taking the drug. Every year, 22,000 people die from complications involving prescription medications. Approximately...

Parkland Shooting Highlights Need for More Psychiatric Care

The recent mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas School in Parkland, Florida, has brought the issue of mental health and its relationship to gun violence into the forefront of public attention. The shooter, a 19-year-old young man with a history of psychological and behavioral problems, was apprehended by police and will eventually be brought to...

Detox Treatments for Drugs with Worst Withdrawal Symptoms

Drugs with the Worst Withdrawal Symptoms How They can be Treated with Medical Detox One of the most worrisome prospects that comes with trying to quit any drug is the possibility of going through withdrawal. It’s important to be aware of what withdrawal symptoms accompany particular drugs, especially in instances where going off a specific...

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

The disease of alcoholism affects 17.6 million people in the United States. The impact of alcohol dependency causes significant problems for people in many different areas of their lives. In addition to the personal and professional toll alcohol consumption takes, the human body suffers tremendously from years of chronic drinking. The liver, in particular, may...

FAQ: Detox Programs

Detoxification, commonly called detox, is the process of cleansing the body of whichever substance the recipient is addicted to. Detox is the first and most crucial step toward recovery. It can be dangerous, even deadly depending on the substance, without proper treatment. Choosing which treatment center’s detox program you enter into is equally as important...

Quality Care

At The Haven Detox, you will always receive the quality care you deserve because our commitment to our patients is like no other facility around. We are continuously developing our treatment process, our management team, and researching the after effects of our program on our successful clients who have graduated our program. At The Haven...

Are you unable to quit ?

The Haven Detox provides the finest drug and alcohol detoxification services available. Our detox program is effective at counteracting the effects of drug addiction and alcoholism successfully. We do this by first eliminating the body of chemical substances and then reversing the physical dependency to return the brain to normal function.

Powerful Treatment program

The end goal of our West Palm Beach detox facility is to attain and sustain long-term abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol. Stopping the use of drugs and alcohol allows men and women to lead productive lives and to turn their lives around. The Haven Detox addresses each person’s various needs and not just their chemical...

Effects of Alcohol on the Body | Short Term & Long Term

While most of us consume alcohol on a regular basis, we don’t fully understand the effects that it has on our bodies and minds. Individuals across the globe participate in this common ritual of alcohol consumption; whether it be on a daily basis or only once in a while, alcohol plays a role in most...