6 Great Things About Sobriety

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Sobriety is great. It really is. Before achieving sobriety, many fear that they will lose their creativity, or that life will cease to be interesting or fun. In fact, these things are not true at all. There are at least as many great things about sobriety as there are harmful and life-threatening things about addiction. Keep reading to discover some of the very best things about sobriety:

1. No Hangovers

Yes! That’s a pretty grand thing when you think about it. Every morning you can start the day fresh and full of promise. No more hangover cures, cover-ups for bleary eyes, or missed work due to the pain and suffering of a hangover.

2. Creativity

While many think that drugs and booze can stimulate creativity, there is more potential for creativity when you are constantly alert and in tune with yourself. When you work the 12 steps or do some other sort of eye-opening practice, you find a new mental freedom that can result in the very best creative work of your life. Just ask countless artists who’ve gotten sober.

3. Freedom

Drugs may give the illusion of freedom, but addiction takes that freedom away. If you constantly need a substance to feel free, you are a prisoner to that substance. This is the antithesis of freedom. A sober mind is a free mind, able to go and do exactly what it wants, when it wants.

4. Potential

Once you get sober, so many options become available to you. When you work a 12 step program, you can learn to practice things like gratitude and patience that are, in fact, capable of unlocking boundless potential.

5. Relationships

When you are free of drugs and you regain emotional sobriety, your relationships can take on a deeper meaning and expand in ways that were impossible when you were ″running and gunning″ on the drug addicted path. You can take responsibility for someone else and provide the care and attention they need. New science indicates that addiction is a disease of isolation and disconnection. When you are sober, you can establish the sorts of bonds you truly seek.

6. Peace

The 12-step promises say: We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace. This is true. When the stormy, desperate life of addiction is put in the past, the still sea of peace is possible. In fact, when a disturbance arises, your program of sober living can enable you to navigate that with grace and ease. It may take patience and practice, but everyone can achieve a measure of peace if they desire.

These are only six of the best things that a life of recovery can bring. There are a ton of awesome reasons for sobriety and probably exponentially more to come as you progress in sobriety. Keep in mind that sobriety is a practice; it’s a journey and not a destination.

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