Finding Local Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

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40 percent of those who face mental health issues are under alcohol use disorder too.

Many people develop an addiction simply by consuming alcohol for fun or taking a prescribed drug to ease pain after an injury or surgery. No one plans on developing an addiction when they ingest a substance. Drinking alcohol or taking a drug even just once is not always harmless. Doing so can always increase the risk of developing an addiction. Alcohol detox is one of the steps that need to be taken at the start of treatment. Being unable to find a trusted rehab center in your area can be frustrating. 

Some Individuals won’t ask for help because they fear what others might think about them. You require a treatment program that is tailor-made to your requirements for a successful long-term recovery.

Substance addiction can be incapacitating, but professional assistance is available. Your drug detox journey initiates with a detox, a standard procedure. It allows the medical professionals at the facility to assess your drug use and medical history. In addition, they will address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the detox treatment. You will then be assigned to a qualified medical professional. 

At The Haven rehab center, we have a team of dedicated professionals ready to provide the care you need. Our alcohol treatment follows evidence-based therapies to help the patients receive impeccable results.

A Treatment Care Program

A counselor at a treatment facility will customize a treatment program tailored to your needs after diagnosis. Without effective substance use treatment, alcoholism can spiral out of control, producing severe emotional, social, and economic problems. With an undiagnosed co-occurring disorder, overcoming alcoholism can feel almost impossible. 

An accredited rehabilitation center is the best option for overcoming alcoholism. Many people seeking recovery choose a luxury alcohol rehabilitation program. Around 40 percent of young adults with mental health issues in the US face substance use disorder. You may experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms a few hours after your last choice medicine dose.  

When Do You Need a Drug and Alcohol Detox Program?

According to the NIAA National Institute of Alcohol Abuse, the following are the reasons for which you need immediate admission to a detox program:

  • Consistently exceeding one’s calorie intake goals or doing so for an extended time
  • Limiting or stopping one’s intake of alcohol-consuming
  • Having an excessive amount of alcohol or being ill as a result of its effects
  • The urge or thirst for an alcoholic beverage
  • When someone discovers that drinking or its adverse effects interfere with one’s education, work, or other duties
  • It is retaining one’s drinking despite causing trouble for loved ones.
  • Reducing one’s responsibilities so that one can drink
  • Alcohol consumption continues even after putting one’s life in danger
  • Continued intoxication leads to memory loss

Program Categories

When considering detoxification programs, it is also wise to consider rehabilitation since it is the next step in addiction recovery. Rehab typically involves therapy and medicated treatment that work in tandem to combat your dependence. There are a few program types that treatment centers usually offer.

Inpatient Program

Inpatient treatment involves living in a hospital or detox facility for a specified time period to receive around-the-clock treatment from medical professionals. Staying at a treatment center full time can remove any triggers or cravings you may have at home. It can also provide a safe place for the patient if they require medical care. Inpatient treatment lasts 30 to 90 days, and the patient receives extra care, including private therapy sessions. 

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment means receiving treatment during the day while living at home. This technique is more effective for those with mild to moderate SUDs, a stable home environment, and a preference for a more flexible treatment plan.

It is essential that patients who go through outpatient treatment are self-disciplined and attend all appointments, even on rough days. 

Consolidated After-Care Program

When a patient dealing with alcohol use disorder AUD is treated step by step, from detox treatment to therapies, they will also need care afterward. After-care plans are designed for patients’ well-being, helping them experience their peers’ struggles. From individual groups to family therapies, all are included to make a patient’s road to recovery successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of programs have been successful in treating addiction?

The rehabilitation programs can be proven successful, from detoxification to talk therapies, including inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

What are the three elements of a substance abuse program?

These three elements include living free from alcohol or drug abuse, making life functioning more doable and eminent, and reducing the chances of alcohol or drug relapse.

How many months does it take to get rid of an addiction?

To develop a habit successfully, you need to get the most out of it within 21 days. As psychologists refer, it approximately takes 21 days of consciousness to be able to develop a habit.

The Haven Detox Center Can Help

Substance addiction can be challenging to overcome, but it is important to remember that you do not have to do this alone. The Haven offers a safe and comfortable environment with detox programs that effectively combat addiction for a successful long-term recovery.

We offer a premium residential program and outpatient programs as well as aftercare and support. A medical professional will provide a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs for the best chances of a successful long-term recovery. 

The Haven is here when you are ready to take the first step. Call today at +1 (561) 328-8627 to learn more about our services.