Residential Treatment

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Residential treatment is considered one of the most critical parts of substance use treatment. It is a level of care that includes 24-hour  care and medical supervision and focuses on stabilization after detox. This intensive level of care calls for continued medication management and supervision. This period ensures medical stability and allows for therapy and treatment to begin.

While in residential care, most patients attend individual and group therapy sessions that help them overcome addiction. We are proud to offer residential care as it is often one of the most critical and impactful levels of care available to those struggling with substance abuse.

Many programs provide detox services, then move people to a level of care like partial hospitalization programs (PHP). This often does not meet the needs of the individual. Many people who have been using drugs or alcohol for extended periods require a longer period of stabilization. Residential care provides a period of adjustment and intensive therapy following detox and ensures that lower levels of care will prove effective. 

Why Residential Treatment is Valuable

Many programs and patients think it is best to transition to an outpatient level of care following a detox protocol. Residential alcohol and drug treatment provide patients with the opportunity to recover and heal with no outside triggers or stressors. This intensive process utilizes therapeutic modalities and therapies to begin overcoming the underlying causes of addiction.

Through shared experiences and group counseling, patients develop long-term bonds with their providers and each other. This gives the patients an opportunity to identify behavior and thought patterns that contributed to their addiction. Residential care is usually one to two weeks of care. This provides the skills and perspective to engage in a lower level of care, return to work, their families, or community.

Therapies Utilized in Residential Care

While in residential care, we utilize a variety of evidence based therapies. We use cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical therapy, and motivational therapies to help change thought and behavior problems. The thoughts and behaviors that lead to substance abuse or addiction will be overcome. Our programs typically utilize individual and group therapy to help build the framework for recovery. 

Residential treatment programs are an inpatient treatment option that allow us to work intensively on issues that relate to addiction. Our residential program focuses on mental health services and treatment as well. It is common for people who struggle with addiction to also have an underlying mental illness. While in the residential level of care, we identify emotional and behavioral patterns that contribute to addiction. 

Benefits of residential treatment

A Safe, Comfortable, and Healing Environment

Recovery requires a complete change in lifestyle and behaviors. Treatment and therapy provide the insight and tools to do so. We offer a safe, comfortable, and amenity filled residential facility. 

Our residential program allows our patients to safely manage the trauma and mental health issues that led them towards addiction. This allows them to live a fulfilling life.  Residents of our program complete an individualized treatment plan which incorporates important aspects of our program including:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Medical Care
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Recreational Activities

The Haven Detox realizes that recovery is more than simply getting off of drugs and alcohol.  It is a change in lifestyle and behavior. We are here to show you the way.

Aftercare Planning

While detox and residential are often the first step towards a successful recovery, it is critical to continue with outpatient treatment whenever possible. We provide aftercare planning to everyone who enters our residential program. We offer lower levels of care like partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient treatment at our sister facility, the Recovery Team. 

We also provide aftercare plans that are individualized and focus on building the groundwork for life long recovery. Those who complete our program will also be a part of the Haven Detox alumni. Being a part of alumni means they get continued follow up and invitations to our recovery events held monthly.