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Best Alcohol Detox In Palm Beach

common alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Substance addiction is an issue that plagues the entire nation. The state of Florida and the city of Palm Beach are not immune to this. Not only are illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine a significant problem, but prescription medications, alcohol, and other legal drugs can also cause significant damage. Addiction can ruin a person’s life, career, and relationships.

Although alcohol use disorder (AUD) can be disastrous, there is always hope for people suffering from it. Similar to diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, alcoholism is a disease. Those who do not deal with addiction may believe that those who do are just making poor decisions. However, we understand that addiction is a severe and treatable disease.

If you are looking for alcohol addiction treatment in Palm Beach, your best option is The Haven. The Haven is the premier, all-inclusive treatment center for those suffering from substance abuse and mental health problems.

Alcohol Detox At The Haven

The Haven Detox provides both medical detoxification and mental health care. Our innovative technique and state-of-the-art facility allow our patients to safely and comfortably detox from alcohol in a safe and secure setting. Without medical supervision and care, alcohol detox at home can be hazardous since there is an increased risk of medical complications. 

Our friendly environment is the ideal setting for you to begin your journey and gain control over your addiction. We have a team of devoted professionals who will ensure your safety and comfort throughout detox. Although you may still suffer withdrawal symptoms, we aim to deliver the safest and most comfortable detoxification service possible.

Our Medical Staff And Expertise

Most people suffer withdrawal symptoms in the initial few days of overcoming an addiction. In addition to medications and therapy, we provide regular medical supervision to ease these symptoms. Our doctors and nurses can provide precise dosages and prescriptions to reduce most withdrawal symptoms.

The Haven Detox facility is accredited by the Joint Commission and manned by specialists in the area. Our medical staff has decades of combined expertise and understands that each patient’s treatment and requirements are unique. We guarantee that our patients’ detox and recovery are successful.

What To Expect During Detox?

While we do our best to manage withdrawal symptoms as successfully as medically feasible, some patients still experience withdrawal symptoms. This is often depending on the amount and duration of alcohol use. Our objective is to reduce these symptoms and make detoxification as simple as possible.

At Haven Detox, we want every patient to make a successful and safe transition into a life of recovery.

The most common alcohol withdrawal symptoms include the following:

  • Sweating
  • Tremors
  • Sleep problems
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Seizures

Some patients suffer several more withdrawal symptoms, but we can monitor and treat them as they emerge. The worst withdrawal symptoms often appear between one and three days after the last dose.

Some individuals also suffer post-acute withdrawal symptoms. These are milder symptoms that remain after detoxification and withdrawal. This is one of the many reasons we advocate for a comprehensive continuum of care and a long-term treatment plan wherever possible.

tips on preparing for detox

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does substance abuse treatment in Palm Beach Gardens, FL help?

Substance abuse treatment in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is a good option for those who are eager to receive help and are battling addiction.
The length of treatment programs varies but often begins with alcohol or drug detoxification. Medical professionals carefully oversee detoxification programs, where the recovery process begins. 
Typically, treatment centers provide individual and group therapy after that. Successful treatment programs include aftercare plans, and the most effective treatment facilities in Palm Beach Gardens offer counselors who assist recovering addicts in maintaining abstinence.

How do you prepare for a stay in rehab for alcohol?

The following tips detail what you may do psychologically and physically in the weeks before your rehab stay.
Take care of work and family obligations
Tie up any financial or legal loose ends
Make sure you have the essentials – and only the essentials
Enjoy the company you keep
Write a letter or keep a journal
Take time to relax

What is inpatient rehab?

Inpatient rehab, often known as residential treatment, is the highest degree of rehab services for people diagnosed with alcoholism or other substance use disorders (SUD). Inpatient drug treatment programs usually include medical detox and integrated mental health services.

The Haven Detox Helps Live A Sober Life

The decision to enter alcohol addiction treatment is a big one that will significantly improve your life and the lives of those you love. Know that you are choosing to improve your health and live a more fulfilling life. Being well-prepared will help guarantee that you make the most of your treatment experience and emerge with the tools necessary to maintain your health and sobriety.

The Haven Detox in Palm Beach is a comprehensive, fully licensed medical drug and alcohol detox facility. We understand that when someone takes the initial step and calls us, they are at a crossroads where life-altering opportunities exist and recovery can begin.

Our alcohol rehab center in Florida offers a peaceful, uplifting, and distraction-free atmosphere to promote concentration, healing, and recharging in preparation for the new normal of a sober life. Our competent medical staff guarantees that all your recovery needs are addressed.

Contact us at (561) 328-8627 today to get information about our various addiction treatment programs.

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