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How To Get Someone Into Rehab

When a friend or a family member’s substance abuse problem turns into addiction, you may consider getting them professional help.  Professional help can take many forms, but drug rehab is the most effective way for a struggling loved one to recover from drug or alcohol addiction. While it may take time and effort to convince … Read more

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Antabuse and Alcohol: All You Need to Know

The first medication authorized for alcohol use disorder was Disulfiram (brand name Antabuse). People in recovery from alcohol addiction have been using Disulfiram or Antabuse for more than 60 years to reduce their desire for alcohol. However, heavy drinking after taking Disulfiram may result in serious health issues. Disulfiram does not treat alcohol addiction by … Read more

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How Long Alcohol Withdrawal Lasts

Alcohol use disorder (AUD), a persistent illness that impairs your capacity to cut back on or control drinking, affects around 14.4 million people in the US.  Your brain chemistry gradually changes when you consume large amounts of alcohol regularly to counteract the effects of alcohol.  Alcohol depresses the central nervous system, so your brain has … Read more

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Prescription Drugs Abuse and Its Treatment

Before taking prescription drugs, it is essential to understand how they work and why they’re prescribed. Although these drugs can help you feel better, they can also cause adverse side effects if you’re not taking them properly or mixing them with other drugs or alcohol.  In general, prescriptions from doctors are safe as long as … Read more

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Recover Safely with Residential Drug Treatment

Alcohol addiction (or any addiction, for that matter) is a complex, chronic condition characterized by re-occurring substance abuse. Addiction entails continuing drug and alcohol abuse, even when faced with harmful and long-term consequences. Alcohol addiction causes long-term changes in the brain chemistry and how it responds in situations that involve stress, reward, and self-control. This, … Read more

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How to Help Someone with Addiction

Seeing a loved one battle addiction can make you feel scared and helpless, especially when you do not know how to help them. Addiction is not easy to break; most times, professional help is required for a successful recovery. The most important thing you can do for your loved one during this time is to … Read more

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Addiction Treatment Programs at Boynton Beach Florida Rehab Center

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, Boynton Beach is home to various addiction treatment programs that can help. One of the renowned alcohol rehab centers near Boynton Beach is Haven Detox, designed to provide intensive care for those struggling with addiction and its effects. In addition, we offer different programs, including … Read more

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Benzos for Alcohol Withdrawal: Treatment and Side-Effects

Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease that plagues the lives of millions of individuals around the world. Alcohol dependence can develop into an alcohol use disorder in which a person consumes excessive alcohol. If an individual tries to quit drinking, they are at risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms.  Due to alcohol withdrawal syndrome, a person … Read more

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Depression: How Long Does it Last

Depression is a common type of mood disorder. Individuals affected by depression experience various conditions such as sadness, lack of attraction to everything, bad feelings, and weird mood swings. Bipolar disorder, unipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, persistent depressive disorder, and postpartum depression are different types of depression. Major depressive disorder, and major depression, is a … Read more

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Unipolar Depression: Risk Factors & Treatment Options

A severe form of depression characterized by sadness or irritability that affects sleep patterns, energy level, and either weight gain or loss is known as unipolar depression. Unipolar depression is one of the most prevalent mental health problems, affecting roughly 8% of adults in the US annually. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that … Read more

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The Role of the Family in Substance Abuse Recovery

When you have finished therapy, you are ready to start a better future with the help of your family. Use what you’ve learned and the love and encouragement of your friends to forge a new course.  Create a happier, more supportive atmosphere at home for everyone, not just the one suffering from mental illness or … Read more

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