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Our treatment process is individualized based on specific needs. We start with a medical intake assessment. This includes a full medical history and psychological exams that help our expert staff determine the needs of each patient. Once an assessment is completed, we are able to determine what level of care would provide the most effective treatment plan.

For most people who are actively using, detox is the first step in treatment. Detox is the process of overcoming withdrawal symptoms and is sometimes referred to as withdrawal management. Detox helps people overcome the initial withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping drug use and prepares them for a therapeutic approach to treating addiction. 

Our team of doctors and nurses oversee and manage the detox process at our medical facility. This allows for the safest, most comfortable detox process available.

Detox Services at the Haven Detox

The Haven Detox’s state of the art facility is equipped to meet the needs of every patient we treat. We utilize a number of different approaches during detox including medication assisted detox and other therapeutic modalities. By providing 24-hour care and medical supervision, we are able to provide the safest detox program possible.

Those who complete a detox program at Haven Detox can expect to overcome withdrawal symptoms and cravings while in a comfortable environment. They can rest assured that they will be prepared to engage in effective treatment following detox which will provide them with a springboard for recovery. 

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Residential Treatment at the Haven Detox 

Residential treatment is an intensive level of care that is often effective after a detox program. It includes continued 24-hour care by doctors and nurses to ensure medical stabilization and comfort. During a residential program, a combination of evidence based therapies are used to begin addressing underlying conditions.

Our team of therapists and doctors use multiple treatment modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. These therapies are used to identify thought and behavior patterns that lead to substance use. Addressing the underlying issues and behaviors that lead to addiction is the most effective way to begin building a life of recovery.

Aftercare Planning

Those who complete the detox and residential programs at Haven Detox will be well on their way to thriving in recovery. We work with our clients to set them up with outpatient treatment options at our center, the Recovery Team, or with a program local to them that will best meet their needs and ensure a successful recovery.

It is our goal to provide the most effective, comfortable, and safe treatment options available to ensure that every person we treat has the tools to overcome addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol, we are here to help. Our admissions counselors are available 24/7 at 561-328-8627

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