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Small Client-to-Staff Ratio

Many individuals who struggle with addiction find themselves overwhelmed by feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment. Alcohol and drug addiction cause serious problems — problems that feel difficult to admit and impossible to overcome. When you enroll at a detox that specializes in individualized treatment and offers a small client-to-staff ratio, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and alone. You’ll also benefit from care that’s tailored to your specific needs.

You’ll Get Individualized Treatment in Detox

Although the signs and symptoms of addiction are often the same, the individual experiences that lead to using can be extremely different. Can you compare the background of a combat veteran with PTSD and alcoholism to the lifestyle of a stay-at-home mom who became addicted to painkillers following a back injury? Individualized treatment uncovers and heals the root causes of substance abuse. Sometimes, using drugs or alcohol is the way a person copes with the stress caused by an undiagnosed preexisting mental health condition or traumatic event. Other times, the substance itself leads to depression or anxiety. The more individualized care you receive, the better you’ll understand your motivations for using — and the closer you’ll be to healing.

You’ll Feel Comfortable Faster

Addiction isolates even the most social and outgoing people. That’s because chronic substance abuse causes shame, and it’s difficult to admit help is necessary. When you enroll at a Detox Center that employs a large, qualified staff yet only accepts a limited number of clients, you’ll get to know your peers and counselors faster. You’ll feel less isolated and become a part of a recovering community of supportive friends — friends who have your best interests at heart.

You’ll Get the Detox Help You Deserve

Did you know the first few days of sobriety can also be the most dangerous to your health? Alcohol withdrawal, for example, can be fatal if attempted alone. Opiate withdrawal causes such intense cravings and physical symptoms that using again sometimes leads to overdose. In a small detox center with an attentive and experienced detox staff, you’ll withdraw safely from the substance you abuse. You’ll also sleep better, regain your appetite faster and feel less overwhelmed.

You’ll Get to Know Your Counselors and Peers

Large, hospital-like detox facilities can treat hundreds of patients at one time. This makes it difficult to get to know your counselors, therapists and peers. Developing meaningful human connections is essential for sustaining a satisfying, long-lasting recovery. In a small detox program like The Haven Detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, you’ll build the support structure you need to feel a sense of belonging — an experience that’s sorely lacking in many recovering addicts’ lives. These relationships can sustain you while you’re in detox and also when you’re finished. After all, staying sober in detox is challenging, but staying sober in the world outside detox is an entirely new ballgame. With new personal connections, you’ll find loving assistance, even if you’re no longer in touch with friends or family.

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The Haven Detox provides more one-to-one counseling sessions than most other detoxification programs in the nation. The Haven Detox can help if you or someone you love shows signs of addiction. For more information, contact us today by calling (561) 328-8627.

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