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Alcohol Detox Programs

benefits of the haven detox programs

If you’ve been drinking alcohol for years, it may be time to sign up for an alcohol detox program with the help of a professional. Heavy drinking is risky and has many negative consequences in both your personal and professional life. Treatment at Haven Detox can help you overcome these challenges and begin a new life. Read on to learn about the benefits of an alcohol detox program.

Among the different options for alcohol detox, inpatient alcohol detox is the most popular option for those who want to take their addiction seriously. You can choose Haven Detox in West Palm Beach if you need quality medical supervision during detox.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms During Alcohol Detox

There are many signs of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and the duration of more severe ones can vary. Generally, they peak about 48 to 72 hours after a person has last consumed alcohol. The more alcohol a person has been drinking for an extended period of time, the worse the withdrawal symptoms will be. A person may experience post-acute symptoms, including sleep disturbance, decreased energy, and changes in metabolism.

The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol abuse can be dangerous, particularly for people with existing health conditions. Among these are epilepsy and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Occasionally, alcohol withdrawal may be fatal unless medical intervention is administered. People with severe alcohol dependency may also experience various mental health issues during alcohol detox. These symptoms are often related to underlying problems such as depression or anxiety.

Thankfully, many options are available for easing withdrawal symptoms from alcohol at Haven Detox. Our facility offers a variety of programs to treat mental health conditions and provide aftercare services. Before seeking medical treatment, be sure to verify your insurance.

Types of Medication Used for Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detoxification can be a frightening and uncomfortable experience for many people. Without proper treatment, an individual may return to the drinking lifestyle without any hope of recovery. Alcohol detoxification can also be life-threatening, as the effects of alcohol on the brain are at a high level. 

It can affect everyday functions such as breathing, digestion, and more. The key to recovery is proper treatment at Haven Detox, as we provide the best medication in our alcohol detoxification program. We aim to help our patients by observing their condition to get through withdrawal safely. This is one of the main reasons that many individuals prefer to choose us.

Benzodiazepines Medicine

Benzodiazepines are one of the most common medications we use in alcohol detox. Benzodiazepines are often used in this treatment because they have been shown to reduce anxiety and insomnia. However, they can be habit-forming and may prolong the detox process. Other medications used during alcohol detox included methadone, suboxone, sedatives, and anti-anxiety drugs.

Therapy Treatment

In some cases, the withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol use can last for months or even years after alcohol detox is complete. In such a situation, we used medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and control cravings throughout therapy. The medicine may also be given to patients after they have completed their alcohol treatment. 

These medications are administered under the supervision of our medical professional to ensure the patient’s well-being. The program of alcohol detoxification is unique for every individual and treatment center. For example, some people begin the detoxification process months before entering inpatient treatment, while others start the detox process using prescription medications.

Psychiatric Evaluation

When alcohol users enter alcohol detox, they will be given a comprehensive medical and psychiatric evaluation. This assessment will reveal their physical and mental condition, and the first dose of medication will be administered. Our medical team will monitor the alcohol user’s withdrawal during the detox process, and appropriate medication will be prescribed to alleviate any symptoms of the withdrawal syndrome. These steps will vary according to the plan used for alcohol detox, so the treatment plan may need to be modified.

Benefits of Taking Alcohol Detox Program from Haven Detox

Whether battling alcohol addiction or struggling to quit drinking, Haven Detox is the perfect solution. The facility offers professional support and information to help you stop drinking. After admission, a professional assessment helps identify co-occurring mental health issues and physical ailments. They will determine how much alcohol you’ve consumed and whether you have used other drugs. A medical team will make recommendations for detox and ongoing support.

Loving and Supportive Community

When seeking treatment, it’s essential to get the support of a loving community from Haven Detox. Alcohol detox programs offer a safe, supportive environment for individuals to overcome addiction. Often, they include holistic classes, exercise groups, and prepared meals. The programs include holistic practices such as yoga and art therapy. After detoxification, patients and their families receive a supportive team and follow-up appointments. Depending on the severity of their alcohol abuse, there are two types of detoxification options.

Understand Your Situation Before Starting Treatment

Inpatient alcohol detoxification at Haven Detox begins with an intake process. This process helps the clinical staff understand their client’s needs and the most appropriate treatment options. The clinical team will review the client’s medical and drug histories and assess their current physical well-being. The staff at Haven Detox is highly skilled at helping people with alcohol dependence. They understand the psychological and physiological withdrawal symptoms that come with alcohol detox. 

Types of treatment for alcohol detox

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most effective treatment for alcohol dependence?

Naltrexone, a drug that blocks the good feelings alcohol causes, may prevent heavy drinking and reduce the urge to drink. Acamprosate may help you combat alcohol cravings once you stop drinking. Unlike disulfiram, naltrexone and Acamprosate don’t make you feel sick after taking a drink.

How many months does it take to get rid of an addiction?

According to researchers, it takes approximately 21 days of conscious and sustained effort to form a new habit and quit an addiction. Still, it takes much longer to break an existing addiction habit.

What are the four steps involved in recovery from addiction?

The four stages of treatment are:
Initiation of treatment
The early stage of abstinence
Maintaining your sobriety
Advanced long-term recovery
The National Institute on Drug Abuse designed these stages for individualized drug counseling for health care providers. Still, they are also a valuable model for recovery from alcohol dependence.

How to find a drug and alcohol detox or rehab facility in the US?

There are a lot of rehab facilities in the US. It just depends on how much money you can spend on drug addiction treatment. A Rehab center also helps heal any traumatic issues that might be leading to your drug addiction at the same time. However, you will find one of the best facilities in the US, The Haven Detox.

Get Inpatient Alcohol Detox from Haven Detox to Save Your Health

Inpatient alcohol detox programs are the most secure type of alcohol treatment and are often more expensive than outpatient programs. Inpatient detox programs at haven Detox offer 24-hour medical monitoring and intervention and a medical team on hand to provide support and counseling. 

Many patients who depend on alcohol often suffer from vitamin deficiencies, so inpatient treatment can help combat these issues. So what are you thinking? Are you fighting with yourself to quit alcohol or drugs? The only way to get a life free of drugs is by taking an alcohol detox program from our well-reputed and trusted center. 

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