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how to treat drug addiction th detox and rehab

Taking Control of Drug Addiction: How to Treat It

Drug addiction in America is an epidemic. It is relentlessly sweeping the nation’s pharmacies and city streets. Drug addiction is also known as substance use disorder. It is a disease that affects a person’s behavior and brain.  It causes them to lose control over their drug of choice, legal or not. Alcohol and nicotine are … Read more

pristiq and alcohol effects th detox and rehab

Pristiq and Alcohol: Everything You Need to Know

Antidepressant medications are often used to treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety. One such medicine is Pristiq.  If you are taking Pristiq, you should avoid consuming alcoholic drinks at all costs. This is due to two major reasons:  One, alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. Alcohol can inhibit the action of Pristiq, which … Read more

online mental health support groups th detox and rehab

Top Online Support Groups for Mental Health

Online support groups typically work to help people struggling with mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and schizophrenia. Online support groups are similar to in-person support groups in that they can offer companionship and peer support when needed. According to a 2019 study, participation in a 10-week … Read more

what is addiction recovery th detox and rehab

What is Drug Addiction Recovery?

Addiction recovery is achieving improved physical and mental health after having a substance use disorder (SUD). Other scales of recovery also exist. Some focus on removing drugs from your body. Others emphasize abstinence from drugs. People with severe addiction can recover their health with the proper support. Being in recovery is also applying applicable codes … Read more

benefits of sber tiktok th detox and rehab

10 Addiction Recovery TikTok Creators To Follow Right Now

Struggling with substance use disorder and addiction can be a long and difficult road, but you don’t have to go it alone. TikTok is quickly becoming a valuable social media platform for finding inspiration and entertainment.  There are plenty of TikTok accounts out there that offer support, advice, and encouragement for those trying to tackle … Read more

local support groups for addiction th detox and rehab

Local Support Groups for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction negatively affects the family and friends of people suffering from addiction. Loving someone suffering from addiction can be very challenging and painful.  Because drug addiction affects the whole family, treating the addicted person may not result in long-term changes within the family unit. A person suffering from addiction may find that support groups … Read more

how to stop addiction th detox and rehab

How To Stop an Addiction

Addiction is a severe problem, and many suffer from substance addiction. It is not wrong to say that addiction to any substance is life-threatening and can ruin relationships. You may have heard that addiction is impossible to overcome, but that is not true. It is possible to beat an addiction. There are some practical tips … Read more

how to sober up fast th detox and rehab

How to Sober up Fast

If you’re looking for the most effective ways to “sober up,” you may already be in a scenario where you have had too many alcoholic drinks and need to restore control and concentration swiftly. However, methods claiming to assist you sober up are ineffective since they do not affect your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) amount … Read more

how to detox from alcohol th scaled detox and rehab

Alcohol Detox: Symptoms, Withdrawal & Treatment

Transcript  I’m Dr. Ignatov. I’m a board certified psychiatrist and addiction medicine physician. Alcohol is a depression that your body becomes addicted to over months or years of drinking. Your brain gradually quits generating specific neurotransmitters that it receives from alcohol. That’s why it takes time for your body to adjust once you stop drinking … Read more

average rehab stay varies greatly th detox and rehab

Average Length of Alcohol Rehab Stays

Rehab helps by educating people on keeping sobriety and having a healthy life without becoming dependent on alcohol. A mental health illness may be the root cause of alcohol addiction. Rehab offers you a safe place to start your therapy. To deal with withdrawal symptoms, you need a safe environment. Rehab can be a secure … Read more

how to detox safely detox and rehab

Alcohol Detoxification-How to Safely Detox

Many people prefer detoxing at home and want to stay in a controlled yet safe environment. At-home detox is an outpatient treatment that requires the advice of a medical professional.  People believe detoxification at home is quite comfortable, but it is risky. It is a complicated process, and individuals relapse due to misinformation. By learning … Read more

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