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Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism Treatment. Alcoholism affects a lot of people in America today. The National Institute of Drug Abuse claims that, an estimated 6.8 percent of Americans had consumed five or more drinks on at least five occasions within the month preceding their survey. In addition, the National Center for Biotechnology Information states that an estimated one in six Americans have an issue with drinking.

Does Your Loved One Need Addiction Treatment?

We all go through turbulent life phases. There are many normal developmental reasons why people change how they dress, speak and behave. But people are also at risk for substance experimentation which could lead to addiction. That’s why it is important for family members and friends to be on the lookout for any clues indicating something may be wrong with their loved one.

Drug Detox Is Not Drug Treatment

Addiction recovery vocabulary can be confusing. Any time an alcoholic or drug addict (especially an opiate addict) slowly or abruptly stops using – whether voluntarily or due to circumstances – the addict will experience some form of withdrawal. When a person addicted to drugs or alcohol seeks recovery services for the symptoms of withdrawal, the process is called detox or crisis stabilization or medically managed withdrawal. So the services that fall under the umbrella term “detox” always involve withdrawal but withdrawal doesn’t always involve “detox”.

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