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Average Cost of Inpatient Mental Health Treatment

Inpatient mental health treatment refers to the medical care and treatment provided to individuals who require hospitalization or residential care due to severe mental health conditions. While these treatments can be life-changing and essential to recovery, they can also be expensive. The average cost of inpatient mental health treatment varies depending on factors like facility … Read more

Raising Awareness: Common Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorders affect an individual’s thinking, mood, and behavior and can significantly impact daily life. Understanding these mental health disorders can help individuals recognize symptoms, seek early intervention, and access appropriate treatment and support.   Key Takeaways Mental health disorders are treatable, and seeking assistance is a sign of strength. Here’s what you’ll learn in … Read more

Closer Look at Residential Mental Health Facilities

Residential mental health facilities are specialized centers where those with mental health issues can receive care in a safe, structured, and home-like environment. These facilities provide 24/7 supervision and medical treatment to help residents manage their mental health conditions. People who struggle with major depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or other mental illnesses may benefit … Read more

Xylazine: From Veterinary Medicine to Illicit Use

Xylazine is a drug commonly used by veterinarians to sedate animals. However, it is increasingly being misused by people in Florida as a recreational drug. Misusing xylazine can have serious consequences, including respiratory depression, seizures, and coma. It can also cause nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. Xylazine can be especially dangerous when combined with other drugs, … Read more

Understanding and Treating Ethanol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is a serious issue. It affects millions of people in the United States. Ethanol is a type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. It is one of the most commonly abused substances. It can be found in beer, wine, and liquor and is legal for those over 21. It can lead to various … Read more

Addiction Treatment: Diagnosing Substance Use Disorders

Transcript I’m Dr. Ignatov. I’m a psychiatrist and addiction medicine physician diagnosed, and a substance use disorder can be a complex and challenging process. My patients often don’t know if treatment is right for that, but a diagnosis from a doctor or qualified mental health professional can really help. In this video, I’ll explain the … Read more

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