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Alcohol Detox: Symptoms, Withdrawal & Treatment

Transcript  I’m Dr. Ignatov. I’m a board certified psychiatrist and addiction medicine physician. Alcohol is a depression that your body becomes addicted to over months or years of drinking. Your brain gradually quits generating specific neurotransmitters that it receives from alcohol. That’s why it takes time for your body to adjust once you stop drinking … Read more

Alcohol Detoxification-How to Safely Detox

Many people prefer detoxing at home and want to stay in a controlled yet safe environment. At-home detox is an outpatient treatment that requires the advice of a medical professional.  People believe detoxification at home is quite comfortable, but it is risky. It is a complicated process, and individuals relapse due to misinformation. By learning … Read more

Prescription Drugs Abuse and Its Treatment

Before taking prescription drugs, it is essential to understand how they work and why they’re prescribed. Although these drugs can help you feel better, they can also cause adverse side effects if you’re not taking them properly or mixing them with other drugs or alcohol.  In general, prescriptions from doctors are safe as long as … Read more

Addiction Treatment Programs at Boynton Beach Florida Rehab Center

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, Boynton Beach is home to various addiction treatment programs that can help. One of the renowned alcohol rehab centers near Boynton Beach is Haven Detox, designed to provide intensive care for those struggling with addiction and its effects. In addition, we offer different programs, including … Read more

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