Do I Need Medical Detox?

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When an individual is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and substance abuse issues and decides that he or she is ready to change their lives, an important first question to ask is whether that individual needs to go to a medical detox such as The Haven Detox, an inpatient treatment facility, or both. The answer comes down to whether that person is only dependent on the drug or actually addicted.

What is drug or alcohol dependency?

When a person stops taking a certain drug, if they are “dependent” upon it, they will experience withdrawal symptoms and become very uncomfortable. Someone in this position will typically continue to use the substance because stopping it abruptly would prevent them from continuing their daily activities and routines such as work or school.

Addiction or being “addicted”

A person is said to be addicted to a drug or alcohol if the person not only is dependent but is drinking alcohol or taking the drug because of the way it makes them feel and gets them “high”. If they stop drinking or taking the drug, they will not only have uncomfortable physiological symptoms but will also have emotional issues.

What exactly is Medical Detox?

A medical detox is a safe, supervised place someone who is addicted to a chemical can go to deal with their drug or alcohol addiction and withdrawal safely. Medical detox varies from place to place. There is a long list of medical detox to choose from in the state of Florida alone. We invite you to explore more about The Haven Detox and see how we differ from your everyday run-of-the-mill medical detox.

Inpatient Treatment or Drug Rehab

An inpatient treatment center or drug rehab is for someone who has already detoxed from a physical dependence or addiction to a certain drug or alcohol. Many times, patients will transition from The Haven Detox and enter an inpatient treatment center upon leaving our facility. It is highly recommended to attend an accredited medical detox such as The Haven Detox before entering inpatient treatment or rehab.

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