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What Are Drug Detox Centers?

the role detoxification plays

Although it may seem like a complicated process, drug addiction can be overcome with the proper treatment and support. Individuals struggling with addiction must first undergo detoxification. Detox involves removing all traces of drugs from the patient’s system so they can adjust to withdrawal more comfortably. This process plays a huge role in reducing the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and urges that can make abstinence so challenging.

In this case, how does an individual with addiction choose a suitable detox facility? It is essential to find an accredited rehabilitation facility such as The Haven with an experienced staff who provides personalized evidence-based treatments. 

If you or a loved one is battling drug addiction, do not hesitate to contact The Haven and speak with a counselor who can provide further information.

Luxurious Detoxification

When an individual abuses a drug for an extended period of time, they increase their risk of developing a dependency or addiction to the substance. This is because the body has become dependent on taking the drug every day, and when they suddenly stop, it can affect their ability to function correctly. 

The person quitting drugs may also begin experiencing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings. These symptoms and urges are a huge reason many people cannot recover successfully without professional help. 

A residential rehab program at The Haven provides patients with a safe and secure environment with comfortable quarters to unwind. Those in residential treatment have access to 24/7 medical care and the facility’s various recreational amenities.

Detoxing at home on your own can be hazardous, especially if you have a more severe drug addiction. Seeking professional help can ensure medical care in a dangerous medical emergency. Medical staff can also provide patients with the necessary support and guidance during this difficult time. Overcoming drug addiction can feel overwhelming, but you do not have to do it alone.

Detox Process

Detoxification is the first step involved in a recovery process from substance abuse. You’ll need to give yourself some time after your last drink or drug to purge your system of all traces of these substances so that you can begin therapy with a clean slate. Before beginning detox, patients are assessed by a medical professional to provide a personalized plan and will also screen for a co-occurring disorder.

The primary goal at The Haven is to provide a safe and supportive environment in which to abstain from substances. Once detox is complete, the healing process can begin. The detox process aims to alleviate the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping drug use by eliminating the toxins accumulated in the body due to the compounds included in drugs and alcohol.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Our medical staff keeps a close check on patients throughout the entire detox process. This monitoring helps to eliminate drug use and speeds up the detox procedure. Many factors, including the type and quantity of drug abused, the patient’s history of drug use, age, and other medical or mental health conditions, all play a role in determining the most appropriate treatment setting. 

Our staff works directly with the top alcohol and drug detox facilities to guarantee a successful recovery. Detoxification services are recommended for chronic, heavy drug and alcohol patients. 

When detoxing from an addictive substance, it is common practice to provide a substance having pharmacological affinities to the original drug of abuse in progressively lower dosages (tapering). Our medical professionals offer inpatient treatment using their expertise and monitored dose of addiction medicine.

Evidence Treatments

The medical staff at Haven Detox knows how to personalize treatment plans for each patient and find the best ways to help them recover successfully. When choosing an effective detox program for a drug addict, it’s essential to consider how severe their addiction is. 

Regular visits to the doctor may help a person with a minor addiction deal with withdrawal symptoms, but a person with severe addiction may need more intensive treatment.

Benefits of detoxing at a detox center rather than at home

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shortest time in rehab?

A thirty days program is the ideal way to get a detox as it is the shortest time for rehab, and most insurance companies offer to cover the lower cost.

How long do you have to be on a drug to get withdrawal?

The first symptoms occur within 24 hours, and there is a timeline of withdrawal as it progresses during the 48 hours.

What substance has the highest rate of relapse?

Research shows that opioids and alcohol have the highest rates of relapse.

What are drug rehab centers like?

Premium drug rehab centers such as The Haven detox are a safe and secure environment for patients to recover from their addiction. They will have their own comfortable and private quarters with access to around-the-clock medical care and various recreational amenities. 
These rehab centers allow people struggling with addiction to avoid relapse and get the treatment they need with the right medical technology and human compassion.

Ensure a Healthy Detox With The Haven

Detoxification is challenging, but it is essential in overcoming drug addiction. Our professional medical team will give you a health screening before undergoing a detox program and set up a personalized plan that works for your specific needs. Our evidence-based treatment has helped hundreds of patients overcome their drug addiction.

The Haven can also refer patients to effective aftercare programs to help them prevent relapse and build a supportive community through peer groups. We understand how difficult recovery can be and are passionate about assisting patients in succeeding in their goals and getting back to a healthy lifestyle.

When you are ready to learn more, call The Haven at (561) 328-8627 to speak with a counselor. 

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