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A drug detox center is usually the first step in drug treatment plan. Although the actual process can vary somewhat from center to center, the main purpose of the detox is to allow the body to start the withdrawal process and learn to live without drugs and alcohol.

Generally, the actual detox process may include any number of methods. However, popular methods include the use of saunas and physical exercise to help rid the body of drug residues in the body. The belief is these residues leave the body through the pores in the skin as the person sweats out these chemicals. A common by-product of this process is that the person learns that they live without drugs or alcohol even when dealing with withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can vary, but common ones include headaches, vomiting and nausea. However, the main aim is still to help purify the body and build up its natural defenses by riding itself of toxins.

The actual detox process can vary in length as well. Some fast detox processes that use drugs can cause completion of the drug detox process in under 6 or 7 hours. However, most professionals advocate using a natural detox process when possible. These tend to take a little longer in time varying based on the severity of the participant’s drug use. However, they tend to be less traumatic to the individual. The common time range is about four to seven days to a few weeks. In addition, the detox program may not actually be held in the same facility as the subsequent drug treatment program. This may cause a delay in the overall time to complete the entire alcohol and drug rehab program.

As previously mentioned, completion of this detox stage is very important before a person can continue onto a drug treatment program. This is because the person must have physical control of their body and cravings before the mental aspects of drug addiction can be addressed. In this regard, a drug detox program can be very effective in helping prepare participants for the vital drug treatment program.

By keeping this information in mind, you should have a greater understanding of what a drug detox center will offer. With this said, we strongly recommend you research each individual drug addiction recovery center you are considering for more information on their specific detox process.



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