Gratitude Helps Your Recovery

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Gratitude is an extremely important aspect of life and even more important for those who are recovering and taking their lives back from drug and/or alcohol addiction. I would go as far to say that gratitude and recovery go hand-in-hand. It plays an integral part in our ability to lead productive lives when recovering.

This is not always such an easy task! Especially when one is entering a drug and/or alcohol detox facility such as The Haven Detox, where being grateful can be the last thing one thinks about. We’re not implying that gratitude is something that can be turned on and off like a light switch, or that those in recovery can force themselves to feel grateful.

With all of that being said, we need to be intentional about having gratitude. Set aside some time each day to meditate on the good things in your life, simply listing them in your head or perhaps even on paper. Think about the people offering you encouragement and support through your recovery. Think about the fact that you are in recovery at all and not six feet under. Think about whatever else is in your life to provide you with joy or the ability to keep moving forward in your recovery journey.

As time progresses, it will become easier and easier to remain thankful for the little things. The benefits of this are considerable. Gratitude will:

  • Make you more optimistic—even happy
  • Help you feel stronger as you tackle new challenges
  • Experience more energy
  • Deal with stress more effectively
  • Ultimately live a longer, healthier life.
    Gratitude and an attitude of thankfulness is something well worth working towards! The overall quality of your recovery journey will improve tremendously with just the smallest focused amount of gratitude. While negativity fuels the disease of addiction, gratitude nurtures recovery. Our recovery needs that nourishment that gratitude provides us with on a daily basis.


    We all experience moments of gratitude, but it requires a conscious effort to cherish those moments and watch them multiply. With awareness and effort, gratitude is a skill that can be practiced on a daily basis and can turn around even the darkest of days.

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