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How to Stay Sober on New Year’s Eve

300 people die each year because of drunk driving from Christmas to New Year. stay sober

People drink alcohol on New Year’s Eve primarily for celebrations. However, there may be more underlying reasons for others. Many people find it easier to deal with social anxiety while under the influence of alcohol, or the temptation to drink may push you to go to a New Year’s Eve party in the first place. 

The rest of the holiday season can trigger these severe cravings as well. Having a sober friend to celebrate the holidays with can help you succeed in your new year’s resolution of reaching sobriety.           

You can get help with drug and alcohol abuse and an exit strategy that is worth it. Even when you want to attend the biggest parties of the year, remember that you don’t want it to become a regretful moment due to future alcohol use.                                                                                                                                       

Attend or Host a Sober Party

There is no requirement to spend New Year’s Eve drinking heavily. Try to locate sober gatherings centered more around celebrating rather than getting drunk. Creating fond memories does not require the drama or distraction that alcohol brings. Host a party where you will only invite those who do not plan on drinking.

Avoid pubs, nightclubs, and other locations where alcohol is easily accessible. As soon as possible, start sharing your worries with family and friends. If nothing is planned, consider throwing your own sober celebration.

Stay Sincere With Yourself.

Always take a second to ask yourself if attending a New Year’s party where alcohol will be served is worth the risk of developing an addiction. Assess your level of comfort with uncertainty while seated. Some individuals in recovery flourish when alcoholic beverages surround them. 

Others wish to maintain the most significant possible gap between themselves and the bottle. If you are part of a fellowship, seek the advice of your fellow members and your sponsor. Staying away from alcohol is a part of self-care.

Practice Sobriety Beforehand

If you believe you are up to the challenge, practice saying “no thanks” and “it’s okay.” Plan your escape route and stock up on non-alcoholic beverages. Recognize when a circumstance has become oppressive and speak the truth. It is possible to prevent relapse by avoiding situations that serve as potent triggers. Your recovery efforts in the following year can be determined by how sober you remain ahead of time and hereafter.

Sobriety is Vital

The most widespread error is assuming that one can remain sober on their own. It is a recipe for disaster to embark on a drinking vacation without a predetermined plan to stay sober. Before the holiday, you should establish a plan to remain sober. 

Start your sobriety action plan by executing a few of these items. Whether you employ a few or all of these strategies, devise a plan for addressing cravings as they arise.

Recovery Tool Kit

We learn how to deal with challenging situations using the tools we get during the healing process. This will be understood differently by diverse individuals.

For some, this may involve utilizing coping strategies taught in treatment. 

Specific individuals may require meetings or therapy sessions to receive direction and criticism. Some individuals prefer social media connections with their treatment program’s graduates. 

The essential thing to remember is that you may use the knowledge you received throughout rehabilitation to maintain your strength in any method you desire.

Spend Some Time on Yourself

When making arrangements for New Year’s Eve, it is crucial to remember that you may not like to visit specific locations. A significant element is that you don’t care what others think or feel about it. 

A solid rule of thumb is to bring an idea of an escape route in case you find yourself in a precarious scenario at an event that serves alcohol. Regardless of who you invite to the party, it would help if you had a backup plan in case things do not go according to plan.

Take a Drinking Break With a Group of Buddies

If you cannot host a sober party, ask your friends to do it on your behalf. If no one else is willing to organize a party, invite a group of sober pals to your home. When you share the same objective, you can hold one another accountable. Bowl, shoot pool, or find out where your 

favorite bands perform. 

Even if alcohol is around in community-style events, set a new tradition. You are more likely to refrain from drinking when you are surrounded by people who share your goal.

Joining a Support Group

You can learn new things by joining a support group that provides the best ways to cope with alcohol use and drug addiction. There are marathon meetings carried out to assist those individuals who are dealing with alcohol problems. It is a better option for a group of people who will get the therapy and accept 12 steps that lead to spirituality; asking for help from higher powers is part of it. 

The programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Dual Treatment (DRA) are preferable ways to seek help. There are religious reasons to seek help from a higher power, and a sober new year is possible with a firm stance.

Bring Your Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Most parties supply water and soda, but you are welcome to bring your own non-alcoholic beverage. A preferred drink will make avoiding alcoholic beverages easier. Having your own beverage on hand eliminates the possibility of accidentally consuming alcohol.

It is not uncommon for people in recovery to love caffeinated beverages or a particular brand of soda. Bring plenty for yourself and the group or only enough for sharing.

ways to stay sober on the holidays

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you any advice on staying sober over the holiday period?

You can get sober by engaging with close friends in your circle who do not drink and remain clean and sober all the time. Hangout with those fellows can keep you away from drinking during the holiday season.

How can I get sober on New Year’s Eve?

On New Year’s Eve throw, a sober party as fun and recreation can happen without drinking alcohol. You can keep yourself busy from distractions so you won’t face a problem.

What can you do on New Year’s without drinking?

You can relish moments with your fellows planning to visit parks or destinations you’ve wished to explore; moreover, you can visit the places you are fond of.

How can I be happy and sober?

Plan things that keep you happy. Some may go for an exciting breakfast, and going to a café or restaurant can be your smartest choice.

Achieve Sobriety With Help From The Haven

Dealing with an alcohol problem during the holiday can be challenging, especially with everyone around drinking. The Haven treatment center provides a safe and comfortable environment for patients to successfully detox and recover from their addiction. 

Our specialists can help you to identify the problematic thoughts and behaviors that result in the abuse of drugs or alcohol through therapy to prevent relapse in the future. We offer both residential and outpatient programs to best match the specific needs of our patients. 

When you are ready to take this first step, call us at 1(561)328-8627 for more information.

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