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How Long Does it Take to Detox From Alcohol?

After abstaining from alcohol for just a few hours, detoxification can begin. Heavy drinkers are more likely to have withdrawal symptoms and must undergo medically assisted detox for a safe and secure experience. Before beginning detox, patients will undergo an examination to create a plan tailored to their individual needs. The evaluation includes interviews and … Read more

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A Complete Guide to Metronizadole and Alcohol

It can often be unpleasant and lonely for women seeking treatment for bacterial vaginitis, often known as BV. During this common vaginal illness, the average balance of bacteria in the vagina is offset. Fortunately, getting a successful medication like Metronidazole (Flagyl) online is now relatively simple.  With that being said, it is no secret that … Read more

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Ketamine Treatment for Depression

Not everyone is responsive to antidepressants or wants to spend their time in a funk while waiting for them to kick in. Many people have enjoyed success at a much faster pace than offered by traditional pharmacology by using experimental therapies such as ketamine for depression. Depression is more than simply feeling low; it carries … Read more

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What to Know About Mixing Alcohol and Adderall

There is a strong relationship between alcohol and Adderall, and the two drugs interact differently. In addition to the potential for an overdose, the combination can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. Even if you don’t have a history of cardiovascular problems, avoiding alcohol while on Adderall is essential. Before taking these two … Read more

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What Happens When You Drink Alcohol While Taking Antidepressants?

Alcohol and antidepressants should never be mixed. These drugs can interact adversely and lead to dangerous side effects. Remember several risks if you’re considering alcohol while on an antidepressant.  The first thing to do is taper off your medication slowly. Also, it’s essential to speak with your healthcare provider to determine when it’s safe to … Read more

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Opioid Withdrawal: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Opioids are highly addictive, and opioid abuse in the United States has become a national crisis. Statistics underline the gravity of the problem, with the National Institute on Drug Consume claiming that more than two million Americans abuse opioids and that, on average, more than 90 Americans die daily from opioid overdoses. Opioid-dependent individuals may … Read more

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Tips For Staying Sober

Even with the support of family members and friends, staying sober is never simple. Recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is a lifetime journey with several challenges. At times, it may seem impossible to ride out the tough times, especially at major events such as the holidays or a friend’s birthday. An estimated 80 percent … Read more

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Meditation In Recovery

Meditation and mindfulness are proven to support addiction recovery by helping you feel calm, manage stressors, and avoid relapse. While it can not substitute a comprehensive addiction treatment program with expert medical care, meditation may be a beneficial holistic tool. In fact, many rehabilitation centers, like The Haven, use meditation and mindfulness as therapy techniques. … Read more

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What Is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Withdrawal from alcohol, commonly known as the alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS), is the unpleasant process your body goes through when you try to stop drinking alcohol or can’t consume alcohol for any reason (such as if it’s unavailable). Alcohol depresses the Central Nervous System (CNS). When an individual drinks too much alcohol, their brain begins … Read more

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Can You Drink on Prozac?

Many people use anti-depressants like Prozac for mental health issues, but when you have an AUD and combine use these substances, it will bring many health issues such as alcohol poisoning. Both substances will act in the opposite way to the other.  It is never your fault, and neither is it something that cannot be … Read more

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