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Why Do People Need Medical Detox?

Medical Detox – When someone is drinking large amounts of alcohol or putting drugs in their body, there are mental effects and physiological adaptations by the body. Alcohol or the drug sparks responses within the body that were previously created by other materials that are natural. Over time, the body produces less of the natural materials and starts to depend more and more on the booze or drugs. Because all of us have different metabolisms and DNA that is distinct, the period of time before these changes happen fluctuates broadly.

Nevertheless, once someone is now dependent (they are going to have withdrawal symptoms should they stop taking the drug) or hooked (they’re taking the drug or drinking alcohol mainly for the way it makes them feel), they’re going to experience moderate to severe distress and pain when they try to quit taking the drug or drinking alcohol.

Sometimes, the individual can simply quit. Sure, there’s suffering and pain. Nevertheless, in instances where someone is drinking alcohol or taking many forms of prescription drugs, stopping the alcohol consumption and/or drug using can cause serious medical troubles—in some events, fatal ones.

If one is dependent/addicted to opioids like OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet or methadone or to an opiate like heroin, the withdrawal might not be life threatening, but it’s generally so debilitating that the U. S. government estimates that 95% of the individuals who attempt to quit taking these opioids on their own neglect to finish their withdrawal and go straight back to abusing the substance(s). To address the problem as well as the suffering & pain of alcohol and drug withdrawal, a lot of people are simply turning to medical detox facilities like The Haven Detox in West Palm Beach, FL.


Detox is the abbreviated form or short term for detoxification. Detoxification is the removing of toxins (poisons or dangerous things) from the body. Booze and drugs are toxins. Medical detox means the detoxification procedure is done under medical supervision. A successful medical detox is the complete removal of all toxins from the body and/or the removal of any cravings for alcohol consumption or drugs. The product of a successful medical detox is the fact that the individual going through withdrawals, in a manner that is comfortable, completes his or her detoxification safely and securely and has a real chance at long-term sobriety. The individual is then prepared to go into a rehabilitation facility or return to their life withdrawal free.


An established detox protocol should be followed by a creditable detox facility. Webster’s Medical Dictionary defines protocol as, “A comprehensive strategy of a medical or scientific experiment, treatment, or process.” The industry leading, cutting-edge medical protocols aren’t like a recipe for a cake. A great cake recipe could be followed precisely and every single time you get a great cake.

Because all of us have different metabolisms, DNA and present health scenarios, for every patient, a correctly constructed medical detox protocol isn’t followed precisely. A great medical detox protocol is a guide which has choice processes in the event the individual responds differently than other patients. A great medical detox protocol will not have “one size meets all” processes, but it provides protocols and guidelines to make certain that every patient is safely and most comfortably detoxed from alcohol and/or drugs.

By way of example, a drug that’s given to get rid of the seizure danger is utilized by the conventional medical protocol for an alcoholic. The individual ought to be given less of the drug every day until the individual isn’t any longer a seizure danger. This is known in the medical profession as a taper.

Furthermore, a person withdrawing from an opioid or alcohol is usually quite dehydrated which will be addressed by a great medical detox protocol. They may be usually vitamin and mineral depleted, which will be also addressed by a cutting-edge medical detox protocol. Other withdrawal symptoms that’ll make their detox quite uneasy, if not managed, may be experienced without the help of a good facility such as The Haven Detox.



An outpatient detox is when an individual sees a physician in his office as a patient and the detox is supervised by the physician, who prescribes any drugs which are needed to ease the symptoms of the withdrawal. The individual goes home and visits with the physician frequently throughout their detox. The physician has to be quite careful, so the detox can take many weeks or even months, since the individual isn’t under medical care for twenty-four hours a day. Sadly, it’s regularly the situation the individual is going to have some uncomfortability and not finish the withdrawal protocol. In other instances, an individual can become dependent/addicted to the drugs used to aid the detox and they’ve gone from one addiction to another. This happens quite often in the industry.

Patients remain in the facility until they finish their detox and check into an inpatient medical detox facility like The Haven Detox. Some facilities claim medical detox, however simply supply accommodations. If it’s a true professional medical detox center, the individual is under medical supervision for twenty-four hours a day. At a great medical detox facility, the individual is given detoxification medications to help ease their withdrawal symptoms. The issue could be addressed and handled promptly if and when any difficulty or complication arises throughout their detox. The detox can go considerably quicker as the individual is monitored by medical staff around the clock and quite common for individuals to finish their withdrawal from alcohol or drugs in 6-14 days. They can be able to return home or go for additional treatment as soon as they finish their detox protocol successfully.


These questions should be asked by anyone seeking medical detox with an inpatient facility:

What’s the medical protocol for the drugs or alcohol from which the individual will soon be detoxing?

In the event the individual responds differently to the withdrawal anticipated, what changes will be made to the medical protocol?

Is it true that the facility offer 24 hour medical oversight?

What percent of individuals who begin a medical detox protocol at the facility really finish it?

What’s the estimated time needed for the detox?

Can an individual walk outside and what’s the surrounding environment like?

Are there any limitations on smoking, watching television, making telephone calls, eating meals and internet access?

Is it true that the individual will have a private room or semi-private room?

Which are the opinions of former patients about their experience in the facility?


At The Haven Detox Center we’d answer these questions in the following manner:

The Haven Detox Center protocol contains not just hydration but also the conventional medical handlings, vitamins, minerals and food that is great.

The Haven Detox Center offers 24 hour medical supervision, is constantly tracking the patient’s improvement and often will fix the speed of the patient’s taper in accordance with all security and the comfort of the individual.

The Haven Detox Center has a 90% medical completion rate of those who begin their medical detox within our facility.

Usually, individuals can finish their detox in from six to eight days and quite high doses of opioids or alcohol may be detoxed in under fourteen days.

The person isn’t going to leave addicted to new drugs that are used during the medical protocol.

The Haven Detox Center is located in beautiful West Palm Beach, FL and our patients often take walks or sit outside and relax in our Gazebos.

Our patients are free to smoke at any given moment although the Haven Detox Center has designated smoking areas. We have flat screen TV’s in every room. The food at our medical detoxification center is incredible and we have a private, gourmet chef on staff.

Each patient at The Haven has his or her own private bathroom and shares a room with one individual of the same sex.

There are patient opinion forms available for review as well as online reviews to see what others have said about our facility.

Do we know that individuals who come to The Haven Detox won’t revert back to getting high or drinking? No, in fact we understand that almost all individuals who just undergo a detox facility are not going to stay off the substance from which they detoxed unless they go for additional treatment and work a program of recovery. We do understand that nearly all of our patients finish their medical detox. We do understand that our patients tell us that they leave The Haven feeling better than they have felt in years and they’re prepared for the following step in their lives—whether it’s going to an inpatient rehab facility, an outpatient recovery program or a return to family and their lives.

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