5 Signs That Your Loved One May Be Addicted To Drugs

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Addiction to both prescription and street drugs is a rapidly growing problem. A person may not know when someone they love gets indulged into this curse. Street drugs are very common around the world. According to the United Nations Drug Report 2015, 246 million people are addicted to different drugs like opiates, cocaine, cannabis and amphetamine-type stimulants. Some people are able to use recreational drugs without any negative consequences, but often drug use can cause problems in relationships leaving the addict isolated, helpless and ashamed. It can also cause problem at work and school.

People experiment with drugs for different reasons. Many people try drugs out of pure curiosity. Some people try drugs to have a good time because friends do it and others use drugs at first to release stress and anxiety.

Taking drugs causes an increase in the dopamine level in the brain which causes a feeling of pleasure. The brain remembers this and wants this feeling again. The urge to use drugs is so strong that the brain finds many ways to rationalize or deny the addiction. This is how a person becomes a drug addict biologically.

Addiction to drugs can cause serious consequences. Family life often gets destroyed if one family member is addicted to drugs. Love life also suffers if a person is a drug addict. People do not want their loved ones to use drugs even once since using drugs once can lead a person to drug addiction. All people want to save their loved ones from the use of drugs. Sometimes, unknowingly, people fall into this pit and their relatives and friends get to know when it is too late.

A vigilant person can keep an eye on people around him or her without even letting them know. These are some common signs of drug addiction:

  • Mood Swings: people who are addicted to drugs may show mood swings often. It does not depend on whether they are currently under the influence of the substance or not.
  • Depression: Drug addicts fall into deep depressions pondering about the current situation or about the next dose of the drug they use.
  • Euphoria: Euphoria is a feeling or extreme excitement or happiness. Drug addicts may go through the state of euphoria at some socially unacceptable situations.
  • Absence: Many people who are addicted to drugs hide their habit from co-workers, friends and family. They use drugs in private. A drug addict may disappear for hours or even for days without speculation.
  • Anxiety: All types of drug addiction cause some form of anxiety in the user. Anxiety is one hallmark sign of drug addiction.
  • Sleeplessness: Drug addicts may often struggle with difficulty in sleeping.
  • Change in Appearance: Use of some drugs lead people to look emaciated while use of some drugs like marijuana lead the user to gain weight. Drug addicts often change appearance after they get addicted to drugs.Remember, not all drug users reach out for help. It is up to loved ones to step in and guide them into a detox facility more times than not.

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