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Alcohol and Percocet: A Lethal Combination

Mixing Percocet and alcohol is not a good idea since both substances are central nervous system depressants that can intensify each other’s effects. Percocet contains acetaminophen and oxycodone, potent painkillers that can cause slowed heart rate, respiratory depression, and impaired judgment. Alcohol can also lead to respiratory depression, and when mixed with Percocet, it can … Read more

Preventing Teen Drinking and Drug Use

Teen drinking and drug use is a growing problem that affects millions of adolescents around the world. Despite efforts to prevent it, many young people are still experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and the consequences can be severe. One of the most significant risks of teen drinking and drug use is its impact on the … Read more

Finding Support: How To Get Help for Alcoholism

If you are struggling with alcoholism, there is hope. With the right help, you can get your life back on track and eventually overcome this addiction. The first step is to understand alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease that is defined as dependence on alcohol. It is a chronic, relapsing condition that affects the brain and … Read more

Paxil and Alcohol: Risks and Side Effects

Major depressive disorder, or clinical depression, can lead to long-term irritability and sadness. This mental illness may occur when a person loses someone they loved or face life challenges. To treat various mental health disorders like anxiety, doctors may prescribe an antidepressant known as Paxil. This drug balances the chemical in the brain and stabilizes … Read more

The Link Between Trauma and Addiction

Traumatic events in life make you who you are today. They alter how you see the world and yourself. So, it is not unusual to learn that someone who has gone through a terrible event in the past now battles addiction. There is a fatal link between trauma and alcohol abuse or drug addiction, but … Read more

Relationship Between Body Image and Mental Health

Body image refers to a person’s subjective perception, thoughts, and feelings about physical appearance. It includes how they see themselves in the mirror, how they feel about their weight, shape, size, and features, and how they believe others perceive them. Body image can significantly impact a person’s mental and emotional well-being, influencing their confidence, self-esteem, … Read more

How to Support Employee Mental Health

For many of us, work is an integral part of our lives. It is where we spend most of our waking hours, earn money, and often make new friends. But do you know that work can negatively affect employee mental health? Work can often be the main source of workplace mental health issues. It might … Read more

How To Get Help for Mental Health Issues

Many times in an individual’s life, they become anxious and stressed. The continued stressful situations may become problematic for you and your mental health. A person goes through many stressful circumstances in life, such as family problems, unemployment, financial issues, and sadness can lead to various mental illnesses. Some other factors contribute to the development … Read more

Sober Apps to Recover from Addiction

Addiction Recovery has entered the 21st century. Technology equips people with Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.  Previous generations did not have this benefit. Now there are many apps to help people stay sober. The best sobriety apps may track your progress, inspire you, and keep you accountable. It can be challenging to become sober … Read more

What is TMS Therapy for Major Depression?

Transcript Dr. Ignatov – TMS Therapy [00:00:00] Hi, I’m Dr. Ignatov. I’m a board certified psychiatrist and addiction medicine physician. Depression is a very common mental health issue in the United States, especially alongside addictive behaviors. In fact, around 21 million of American adults struggle with major depression. Some have treatment resistant depression, a condition … Read more

How to Choose the Right Rehab: 10 Concerns

Once you have made up your mind to quit drugs and alcohol, you will need to choose a rehab that meets your unique needs. There are a variety of rehab programs available for you to choose from, but many people have little to no knowledge of what to look for when it comes to rehab … Read more

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