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Tips For Staying Sober

Even with the support of family members and friends, staying sober is never simple. Recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is a lifetime journey with several challenges. At times, it may seem impossible to ride out the tough times, especially at major events such as the holidays or a friend’s birthday. An estimated 80 percent … Read more

Meditation In Recovery

Meditation and mindfulness are proven to support addiction recovery by helping you feel calm, manage stressors, and avoid relapse. While it can not substitute a comprehensive addiction treatment program with expert medical care, meditation may be a beneficial holistic tool. In fact, many rehabilitation centers, like The Haven, use meditation and mindfulness as therapy techniques. … Read more

What Does Relapse Mean?

If you or your loved one is battling addiction or a substance use disorder (SUD), you may have heard the term “relapse.” After achieving short-term or long-term sobriety, a relapse is when a person in recovery resumes substance abuse. Relapse will cause the addiction to continue, and the patient must undergo treatment again. During recovery, … Read more

PTSD in Veterans

PTSD in veterans can occur when you experience a real or perceived life-threatening event. Stress responses are natural after this kind of event and serve to keep you aware of any continued threat that could harm you. These traumatic-stress responses can show up differently among individuals. For some, the symptoms of post-traumatic stress may manifest … Read more

The Link Between Depression and Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse and depression often go hand in hand, as having one typically increases the chances of developing the other. Alcohol makes symptoms of mood disorders worse, and depression can cause an individual to drastically increase their alcohol consumption. Luckily, there are plenty of effective treatments for co-occurring conditions like alcohol use disorder (AUD) and … Read more

Apps for Addiction Treatment: Support Recovery with Your Smartphone

Using mobile apps for addiction treatment is one of the simplest methods to track your recovery efforts in this digital age. Many applications have been developed with addiction recovery in mind, ranging from charting your progress and monitoring drug or alcohol triggers to searching for local support groups. Recovery from addiction requires a long-term commitment. … Read more

Chronic Cycles of Depression and Substance Use

Depression and substance use disorder can feed each other. People with depression are more likely to develop a substance use disorder (including alcohol use disorder and drug abuse) to cope with overwhelming feelings. This can quickly turn into a dangerous and chronic cycle as both mental illnesses deepen each other.  For instance, people with a … Read more

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