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Why Can’t I Quit Drugs or Alcohol?

Drug and alcohol abuse is a dependency that affects an individual’s actions and behavior. It leads to substance use disorder (SUD), a brain disease that develops gradually and is not something a person chooses, just as they do not choose to get the flu, a stroke, or a heart attack. SUD requires treatment much like … Read more

Risks and Treatment for Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms

When you are cheering up with colleagues and friends after work, alcohol consumption is part of the fun. Alcohol consumption is a mind-altering substance and can influence your mind.  When you start binge-drinking, it results in the depressing of the nerves associated with your actions. The vital steps such as breathing and gagging, which saves … Read more

Symptoms of Withdrawal from Substance Use

Individuals struggling with a substance use disorder often have a strong desire to end their addiction and will attempt to do so to no avail. Most of the time, this is because of the uncomfortable and dangerous withdrawal symptoms of quitting a substance.  These symptoms may include headaches, shaking, irritability, anxiety, etc. Withdrawal symptoms are … Read more

Finding Local Detox Programs

Usually, drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities combine detox with counseling and other addiction treatment services to assist recovering addicts. This process is important because it allows individuals to have a deeper understanding of their substance abuse and establish a solid basis for recovery. Specifically, detoxification is an important initial stage in the rehabilitation process. Substance-dependent … Read more

What Are The Benefits of Rehab?

People with all types of health problems can benefit from rehabilitation. Rehab is a collection of activities meant to promote functionality. When someone has a substance use disorder, rehab for alcoholism or drug addiction provides the support and resources needed for a successful recovery. Anxiety and stress can play a huge role in a person … Read more

Warning Signs of Alcoholism

In the United States, alcohol is the most widely used addictive substance. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, over 17.6 million American adults, or one in every 12 people, have an alcohol abuse problem, and millions more participate in dangerous behavior like binge drinking that may eventually result in an alcohol … Read more

Opioid Addiction Treatment Medications

Opioids, also known as narcotics, are a class of drugs that include prescription drugs for pain like tramadol, oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, and others. Heroin, a well-known illegal drug, is also considered an opioid. After you have undergone a severe surgery or injury, your doctor may prescribe an opioid to help with your pain or health … Read more

Get Premium Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction at The Haven Detox

When it comes to drug and substance abuse treatment, finding a quality facility that will provide the medical care and support you need in your recovery is essential. While your treatment takes place, a premium facility will ensure that you have a comfortable place to rest and are fed gourmet food for a more comfortable … Read more

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