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Best Alcohol Detox In Palm Beach

Safe Medical Detox from Alcohol. Detox is an integral part of any treatment program; however, it is often the biggest obstacle to a successful recovery. Patients are often reluctant to enter detox because of the potential physical discomfort of the withdrawal process. They let the fear of pain and illness prevent them from taking this necessary first step toward recovery.

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Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism Treatment. Alcoholism affects a lot of people in America today. The National Institute of Drug Abuse claims that, an estimated 6.8 percent of Americans had consumed five or more drinks on at least five occasions within the month preceding their survey. In addition, the National Center for Biotechnology Information states that an estimated one in six Americans have an issue with drinking.

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Staying Strong In Daily Recovery

For many, the hardest part of recovery is the beginning when you are just becoming sober. However, further down the road you may hit some other snags on a day to day basis. There are a number of ways to better avoid or deal with these snags so that they do not result in a relapse.

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Traveling For Drug & Alcohol Detox

Deciding to travel for drug and alcohol detox can be a difficult decision. On the one hand, it’s scary to think that you or your loved one could be hundreds of miles away from home dealing with one of the most difficult challenges they have ever faced. On the other hand, removing the user from the area of abuse can be a great tool in the recovery process. Drug and alcohol detox works on a voluntary basis and by being further away from familiar areas and friends, you reduce the risk of relapse.

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Do I Have An Alcohol Problem?

If you ask someone who drinks, they probably don’t consider themselves an alcoholic. The line between social drinker and alcoholic is often blurry since alcohol is legal for anyone over the age of 21. Those who drink casually on the weekends with friends or having a glass of wine with dinner are not abusing alcohol, but they are opening the door for large problems to arise down the road. Many alcoholics start off as casual social drinkers and let their substance use spiral out of control.

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Detox Is The First Step In Recovery

Addiction recovery is a journey, not a destination—and as such, it encompasses many steps. Though no two recovery journeys are ever exactly the same, they do all begin with the essential first step of detoxification; indeed, without this step, your recovery journey is over before it really begins.

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Small Client-to-Staff Ratio

Many individuals who struggle with addiction find themselves overwhelmed by feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment. Alcohol and drug addiction cause serious problems — problems that feel difficult to admit and impossible to overcome. When you enroll at a detox that specializes in individualized treatment and offers a small client-to-staff ratio, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and alone. You’ll also benefit from care that’s tailored to your specific needs.

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Opiate Detox Center

Opiate/Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms Can Start To Appear A Few Hours After Stopping Drug Use. “Opiates” and “Opioids” refer to drugs that have an effect on the body like morphine. These drugs are used for treating pain. “Opiates” are made from the products of the opium poppy plant, while “opioids” are made synthetically (man made).

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Helping A Family Member Through Drug Detox

If you know a loved one battling a drug addiction, there are safe and healthy ways to support them through the detox process. Most substance abuse detox processes can be extremely difficult due to the excruciating withdrawal symptoms. It is highly recommended to have them check into a professionally trained facility experienced in drug detoxing. The physical and psychological risks of detoxing at home are dangerous to you and your loved one.

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What Drugs Must You Detox From?

Medical detoxification (detox) often precedes addiction treatment at a rehab facility. Detox is the process in which all harmful toxins (drugs, alcohol, or poisonous substances) are eliminated from the body through abstinence, healthy dieting, and withdrawal management. Medical detox, being a precursor to addiction treatment, is usually the first process a client undergoes in order to be ready for therapy.

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