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Everything You Need To Know About Addiction

Many people have never experienced addiction of any sort. For these people it can be very hard to understand and grasp the logic behind drug abuse. With drug use getting more and more prevalent in America, it’s now common for people to dig deeper and look for the reasons why people use drugs and alcohol.

Narcan: Reversing Opioid Overdose

Naloxone, also known as Narcan, is a powerful drug that acts as an opioid antagonist and quickly reverses the effects of an opiate overdose. It saves lives! Opiate overdose causes the body to fail in respiratory function. Naloxone acts as a heroin overdose antidote by blocking the receptors in the brain that opiates bind to, interfering with the effect of the opiates.

Some Recovery Tips For Staying Sober

Some of the stuff I’m going to share with you today has been my recovery experience which has helped me stay sober. If you can get anything out of it, I hope so. One of the main things I want to tell you is that I went to treatment myself and before I left treatment there were aftercare suggestions that they want me to abide by and live by.

Why Do People Need Medical Detox?

When someone is drinking large amounts of alcohol or putting drugs in their body, there are mental effects and physiological adaptations by the body. Alcohol or the drug sparks responses within the body that were previously created by other materials that are natural. Over time, the body produces less of the natural materials and starts to depend more and more on the booze or drugs. Because all of us have different metabolisms and DNA that is distinct, the period of time before these changes happen fluctuates broadly.

Heroin Detox in West Palm Beach

For anyone who is struggling with heroin detox, a heroin detox in West Palm Beach can be the thing that changes your life, and can even save your life. Often, people who are trying to break free from heroin addiction quit due to the fear of withdrawal symptoms happening. Many times these people do not make a serious attempt at heroin detox due to this fear.

Medical Alcohol Detox

When necessary, alcohol detox treatment includes monitoring and administering medicine to persons experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. When an alcoholic suddenly cuts off the supply of alcohol, the brain continues to produce an abnormal amount of norepinephrine for a few days following. This is what causes withdrawal symptoms, or abstinence syndrome.

The Haven Detox Rehabilitation Facility

When you enter The Haven Detox, you are greeted by a friendly and understanding receptionist who immediately notifies intake counselors of your arrival. You are then escorted to a comfortable office where any questions or concerns are addressed. Due to the nature of alcohol and drug treatment, there are forms to fill out, which is also something the intake counselors assist you with. The time it takes from reception to detox admission is normally 45 minutes to 1 hour.

We're Here 24/7

Our admissions department is available 24/7 and happy to answer any questions you may have about our facility or treatment options.

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